back in time

a young girl travels back in time to 2013 to save her time of 3000.


3. chapter 2 young family

Nicole wondered the shore and finally saw a girl about her age. she kept walking until she got to  her. "sweetie where are your parents?" the woman obviously her mom asked. "I don't know " Nicole said pretending to cry just to get this woman to take her with her.

"well why don't you come with us ?" the woman asked Nicole as her daughter came up to her and said" who are you?" angrily. Nicole was jaw-dropped at this . no one ever said something this mean to her before in her life. "I'm Nicole. who are you?" Nicole said to the girl not actually caring. the mom grabbed Nicole's hand "well come with us for a bit we'll help you find your parents"

Nicole followed them. "um I don't have parents" she said softly. "then I'll take care of you then" the mom smiled. nicole was quiet 'I do need a family to stay with' nicole thought. 'why not" sh smiled at the lady.

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