back in time

a young girl travels back in time to 2013 to save her time of 3000.


2. chapter 1 why?

"WERE UNDER ATTACK" a man yelled shooting his gun at the monster. Nicole ran as far as she could but when she turned back the monsters were fallowing her. She found her way to a room. "mommy? why are you here?" her mom had a scared look on her face. She ran over and hugged Nicole. "I'm sorry but now the future is in your hands." her mom pushed her into a small room and she was traveling back in time. she knew it that's why her mom always told her to stay away from it. She got a last glimpse of her mother, but by last I mean her mother was killed.

Nicole knelt down crying into her hands. why me I'm only 9? she thought of what she had to do and it was obvious to her." destroy monsters before they attack" she mumbled.

the room started shaking. then crash she was in 2013 japan. Nicole walked out into a field. she walked around and found herself walking by Tokyo bay. I'm going to have to find a place to stay Nicole thought.


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