“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi


2. Jewel

The walk home is a particularly long and dreary one.

I’ve never felt the rocks like I do tonight, and Cozi keeps tripping. We’re moving slower than we ever have, and dusk is approaching.

If we don’t get back before dark we won’t be able to get back at all.

I don’t have any sort of light, which means there’s no way for me to locate our house when night falls, and I don't have any sort of weapon. No defense if we get stuck out here. Not to mention Cozi.

Which leaves only one option: Run.

This isn't going to be pleasant, but we've got to try. I can’t carry Cozi with all my bags, which means she’s going to have to run with me.

One glance at the sky tells me we’d best get started now.

“Cozi.” I look her in the eye. “We’re going to have to run now, but just for a little bit. Okay?”

She nods, and seems to understand. Then she takes off.

I never knew a six-year old could run so fast. She’s left me in the dust, and even when I run at full speed, I can’t catch up.

“Cozi!” But she's long gone. At least one of us would be getting home on time.

My legs are getting sore and my chest is starting to burn when I hear it. The distant rumble of an engine.

A car.

At first I think it’s my imagination, because no one drives anymore. No one.

But then I hear it again, and I know it’s real.

And heading in our direction.

“Cozi!” I scream for her to get out of the road, but she still continues on."Cosette!"

I’m starting to believe she’s mute and deaf, when I see it, too.

A black car.

It's as real as can be, and it scares me.

I run harder and shout at Cozi again, and this time she hears me.

At precisely the wrong moment.

I don't know how fast Cozi was going, but I can tell the car was going faster; and the second she turns her head to look at me, they collide.

Cozi flies through the air, and for a moment I’m terrified she’ll go over the cliff. Thankfully, she doesn’t. Instead, she hits the rocks, which is just as bad as going over.

The car’s no where to be found

I run to her at what must be the speed of light, and when I get there I have to look away.

That can't have just happened.

But my eyes tell me different, and I think I’m going to be sick.

Cozi’s arm is twisted at such an odd angle it looks like it should no longer be connected. Blood trickles down her forehead, and more soaks her chest. But that’s not the worst.

She’s looking at me, and not one tear streaks her tiny face.

I get on my knees at her side, and look straight into her eyes. She reaches for my hair, while I inspect the damage.

It’s bad.

Worse than bad. She’s cracked her head open, and I can tell by looking that almost every one of her ribs is broken. She’s losing a lot of blood, and I have no way to stop it.

And we’re miles from home.

I caress her head, and speak to her.

“You. Are. Going. To. Be. Fine.” I shake her, but Cozi only closes her eyes.

“Cozi. Cosette! Listen to me. You’re okay.” She’s still unresponsive, and it doesn’t take long for this to set in.


I will not leave him alone, and  I will not let his sister die.

Not like Ed.

Not like my parents. .

I won’t let Kade be alone. I won't.

I grab Cozi’s hand and rub it between my own, hoping that something, anything, will happen.

But it doesn’t.

I look up and scream, because I’ve just about given up. There's only one thing left I can do.

I rub my hands together as fast as I can and brace myself, because I know what I’m about to do is going to hurt.

Once my right hand starts to tingle, I place it on Cozi’s chest. For a moment, nothing happens.

Then it hits me.

Everything hurts. My head, my legs, and especially my chest. My arm most of all.

It’s excruciating, but it’s okay. Because I know I’m helping her.

Cozi’s body is shaking, fast and hard. She shakes harder, and the pain grows stronger. When I finally feel as if I’m going to die, the shaking ceases. She opens her eyes, and I fall on the ground next to her. I’m on the verge of going under, when I see his face. Kade’s face.

And hear a tiny voice come out of Cozi’s mouth.


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