Big Brother: Fanfiction Style

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bunch of your favorite book characters meet each other? Ever wondered what they might do? Now's the time to find out. Here, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Fred and George Weasly, Dobby, Hedwig, Kreacher, Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood(from Harry Potter), Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Johanna, Annie, President Snow, Buttercup(from the Hunger Games), Percy Jackson, Kronos, Annabeth Chase, Nico, Thalia, Leo, Piper, Jason(from the PJO+HoO),some LOTR characters, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett(Twilight), Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Gibbs, Barbossa, Davy Jones, Norrington, Cutler Beckett(POTC), Sadie Kane, Carter Kane and Zia Rashid(Kane Chronicles) have their own conflict story. And imagine what happens when two 14 year olds, Ree and Miha, join the picture? Well, let's find out! You -the readers- vote off one character each week. So, join Hosts Ree and Miha in BIG BROTHER: FANFICTION STYLE!


6. Chapter 4

This chapters piece of fanfiction is Aragorn's Birthday by JewelledHunter

It's amazing, go read it


~Meanwhile, Miha, Elrond and Ree were betting on who was going to get kicked out first.

"I bet Leo!" Elrond snickered.

Miha pouted. "Leo's good!"

Ree watched the TVs with amusement. "I don't anyone will get kicked out any time soon."



Leo, Piper, Nico, Jason and Percy walked in on the craziness. They stared at Legolas and Annabeth. Percy was trying to kill Legolas with his gaze.

"What's going on?" Jason asked.

"No idea."



"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"






"Hey, oof! Watch it!" Zia stumbled into Carter, who tried to scramble away from her murderous gaze. He'd interacted with that enough for his liking.

"Oh. Carter...."



"Awkward!" Miha, Ree and Elrond chorused as they watched Zia and Carter. 

"Here's a bet that will work," Ree said, "Who's going to kill who first?" 

"Hmm . . . " Elrond thought," Let's take this through logically . . . 

-Faramir wants to kill Peeta

-Katniss wants to kill Eowyn

-Gale wants to kill Peeta

-Sadie wants to kill Harry

-Eowyn wants to kill Pippin

-Ginny wants to kill Sadie

-Fred and George want to kill Harry

-Percy wants to kill Legolas

-Emmett and Elizabeth want to kill each other and Norrington

-Elizabeth also wants to kill Rosalie

-Emmett wants to kill Will

-Ginny wants to kill Fred and George

- And Hydrianna wants to kiss Legolas"


"That last one isn't a death wish," Ree corrected. 

"It would probably kill him from a heart attack if he even saw Hydrianna," Elrond said. 

"Heart attack . . . " Ree murmured. Suddenly, they all had an idea. 


After a mixture of house elves, normal servant elves that were paid, prisoners of war, vampire animals, and Avoxes cleaned the kitchen, they assembled. 

"Now," Elrond said. 

"Wait a second," Ree interrupted, "Isn't that my line?" 

"Yes, but I'm far more intellectual than you and I'm replacing you as host."

Ree twitched. "Excuse me?" 

"Pass the popcorn," Pippin said to Sam. 

"You heard me," Elrond said. 

"Oh no you didn't," snapped Ree. 

"Oh yes I did," Elrond snapped back. 

"You go, sistah!" Thalia yelled. 

"Well then," Ree said. She and Elrond both grabbed their scripts and turned on their heel, briskly walking away. 


~ five minutes later




Ree and Elrond were wrestling on the dinner table. After the food was served. The hobbits had an xxxl box of popcorn. Or eight of them . 



"Looks like we can add Elrond and Ree wanting to kill each other," Glorfindel commented to Miha. She nodded. 

"So . . . . Faramir wants to kill Pee-"

"We know!" the entire table shouting (including Ree and Elrond). 

"Pass the root beer," Ron asked Fred. Fred threw the open can at his now-soaking-wet brother.

"You did not . . . "growled Ron.

"Looks like we can add them to the list," Erestor said. Miha nodded. 

"So . . . Faramir wants to ki-"

"WE KNOW!" the table screamed (including Ron, Ree, Fred, and Elrond). 

"Why aren't you helping me, George?" Fred asked. 

"It's entertaining, that's why," George grinned. George went down fast. 

"We should add them, too," Alice said calmly. Miha nodded. She opened her mouth. 

"DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" the entire table yelled (including, Elrond, Ree, Ron, Fred, and George).


~a lot of yelling later

Miha was locked in theater room, planning her revenge.

"I think everyone's added to the list now. So... I want to kill..."


~in the kitchen, the next day, 2;24 p.m., 16 seconds - "WE KNOW!" 

"Annabeth, do you want some tea?" Legolas asked. 

"I would love some, dear husband," Annabeth answered. For some reason she had begun to talk like the Lord of the Rings characters did. 

Legolas smiled and went to get some water. But when he went to the sink . . . A jet of water hit him square in the face. A big jet of water. In fact, the jet of water was very hot, and very powerful. Legolas fell backwards, holding his face. 

"Meleth, are you okay?" asked Annabeth frantically. She had also learned many endearing words in Elvish, 

The tea cups landed in front of them. Thank goodness they were plastic. Fortunately, Legolas had already put the tea bags in them, The milk had spilled into them during the water jet, and the hot water did as well. 

"You did this all for me?" Annabeth asked tearily. She threw her arms around Legolas, who was still recovering from the boiling water in his face. Annabeth managed to throw Legolas to the ground with her hug. 

"You are the best, Meleth!" 


~that night, at dinner

"Okay, everyone," Ree began. 

"Where's Elrond?" Erestor asked. 

"He's . . . . A little occupied at the moment," Ree answered evilly. Erestor laughed nervously. How was he supposed to explain to Galadriel that her son-in-law was killed by a little girl?  


~meanwhile, in the TV room (you know, the room with all the tvs, so you can watch whats going on in the house) 

"Mmph," Elrond mmphed.He tried to make his chair move towards the door. Wow, this girl had a lot of duct tape.


~back at dinner

"Where's Miha?" Alice asked. 

Ree shrugged. "Anyway, you have successfully survived a few days being married. However, Sadie, the divorce part is not part of this challenge." 

Sadie glared. 

"Anyway, now we wait to see who gets voted out. By the way, me and Miha can't be voted out, we're the hosts."



Percy was mad. Very mad. Very, very mad.

Legolas was going down.



Legolas' face was still burning from the water.

He sat in the dining room, listening to Ree's less than fascinating speech.

"So, what's our next challenge?" The rascal, Percy Jackson, Annabeth's boyfriend, the one who sprayed him with the boiling water, spoke up. He glared at Legolas and put his arm around Annabeth.

Ree snickered. She opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a huge BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The silhouette of a madwoman with poofed up hair and the sound of her crazy laughter was enough to have everyone diving under the furniture.


Pippin screamed as he was picked up by his collar scruff.

"Hehehe. Heeheehee! I've got you now..."



Elrond huffed and puffed. He'd been trying in vain to escape from his bonds for half an hour. He had to face it.

He was stuck.

By a little girl. 

What did he ever do to Galadriel to deserve this?

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