Big Brother: Fanfiction Style

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bunch of your favorite book characters meet each other? Ever wondered what they might do? Now's the time to find out. Here, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Fred and George Weasly, Dobby, Hedwig, Kreacher, Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood(from Harry Potter), Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Johanna, Annie, President Snow, Buttercup(from the Hunger Games), Percy Jackson, Kronos, Annabeth Chase, Nico, Thalia, Leo, Piper, Jason(from the PJO+HoO),some LOTR characters, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett(Twilight), Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Gibbs, Barbossa, Davy Jones, Norrington, Cutler Beckett(POTC), Sadie Kane, Carter Kane and Zia Rashid(Kane Chronicles) have their own conflict story. And imagine what happens when two 14 year olds, Ree and Miha, join the picture? Well, let's find out! You -the readers- vote off one character each week. So, join Hosts Ree and Miha in BIG BROTHER: FANFICTION STYLE!


4. Chapter 3

For those that haven't watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Please watch the video at side or the movie. Everything that happens is relative to that. Unfortunately, I don't have the Elizabeth fake faint scene. 



"You'll have to live with each other, too."

It was a good thing Ginny couldn't hear this because she was currently trying to blast off the door of the room she was locked in. 

"You sure she won't use Alohamora?" Fred asked. 

"She might. But there can't be that much harm done. Ginny wouldn't want a bad name, and murdering muffles gives you a bad name," George replied. 

"All is fair in love and war!" Ginny screamed at them. 

"Is this love or war?" Fred asked his twin.

"It's both!" Ginny screamed again.

The twins grinned and left their screaming sister in a rage. 


Peeta and Eowyn had just settled in. Eowyn sat on the window seat and Peeta was cross-legged on the bed. 

"So . . . " he started.  

"So . . . " she replied. 

"Do something already!" a voice shouted. Peeta and Eowyn started, and looked towards the direction of the voice. 

"We're filming you. You don't want to be lost in the realm of fanfiction, do you? Should I bring Hydriana back here?" 

Peeta and Eowyn shook their heads furiously. 

"Can you cook?" he asked. 

"Yes," she answered hurriedly. The two scurried off to the kitchen.  


Meanwhile, two people were locked in a staring contest.

"Give up," growled the more burly one. 

"Never," hissed the second, who was smaller and daintier. 

"Love," said another figure. At the look his companion shot him,  he said instead. "I mean Elizabeth, perhaps we could settle this-"

"No, Will."


"I'm not giving up, Rose."

Suddenly, Elizabeth took the sword from Will's sheath and held it to Emmett's neck. 

"Guard the chest!" she shouted at Will, running at Emmett, who had produced a cutlass of of somewhere. 

"Guard the chest?!" Will said, "No. NO!" 

"Love, we don't have a chest," Rosalie assured him. 

"You're right, sweetheart," he said sweetly. 

"Now lets get our . . . Brother and sister before they kill each other."

Rosalie nodded and they skipped happily away, hand-in-hand. 


Legolas and Annabeth were having a happy time, playing chess while listening to soap-opera music. 

"Checkmate," said Annabeth. 

Elizabeth and Emmett were soon locked in a sword fight. Norrington soon joined them. 

"Give me the key!" he ordered. 

"What key?!" Elizabeth and Emmett asked at the same time. 

"The key to the heart!" Norrington said. 

"Heart? . . . " Elizabeth and Emmett looked at each other. 

"Rosalie's heart!"

"Will's heart!" They declared at the same time. 

"No, you imbeciles, Davy Jones heart!" Norrington said. But they were already in a fight. Suddenly, Norrington had the key. 

Emmett advanced on him. As Elizabeth made to follow, Emmett threw some sand at her and ran after Norrington. 

"Elizabeth!" Will said. 

"Guard the bloody chest, Will!" she shrieked, running after them. 

"NO!" Will screamed. He watched as they fought. 

Will sighed, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

He stood up and put a hand to his forehead. 

"Oh my, the heat!" he said in a girly voice. Then he fell to the ground. He opened an eye. They hasn't stopped. Elizabeth hadn't  even looked at him. 

He sighed. Unfortunately, at that moment, Rosalie ran right over him. She stopped a few meters away and turned back. 

"Oh, Will, my love, I'm so sorry!"


Meanwhile . . . 

There was the sound of an explosion. 

"I'm free! I'm free!"

Hedwig looked up as a woman with crazed red hair and a maniacal look on her face stepped out of the smoke. She tipped her head back and let loose an evil laugh. 

"She shall be dead by the end of the day!" 

Hedwig blinked. 


Peeta and Eowyn made it to the kitchen. As Peeta got out the tools, Eowyn web to get the ingredients. 

Peeta heard, 



Norrington climbed an abandoned bell tower, with Emmett on his heels.  He kicked Emmet in the back, who tripped Norrington. 

As Emmett held the key up, eyes gleaming, Elizabeth flew up and stole it from his hands, landing nearly on the room. 

"By your leave," she said. 

Elizabeth had arrives in time to see Norrington fall and grab onto a rope. The rope went down and Elizabeth had grabbed the other rope thy pulled her up with Norrington's weight. The bells rang as the rope was pulled.

Emmett wasted no time in running back up the stairs to get to the roof. Norrington followed. 

Emmett followed Elizabeth an they fought. Norrington tries to grab the key, but when he finally did, both turned to him. 

"Please excuse me as I kill this random stranger," Emmett said. 

"My pleasure," Elizabeth replied.  

"Elizabeth!" Norrington cried, shocked. Then he saw Emmett advancing on him. 

"Aren't you two supposed to be enemies?" he asked, then somersaulted off the roof. 

"Unfortunately, for you, HE'S RIGHT!" Emmett turned on Elizabeth. They fought while Emmett pushed her onto the wheel. 

While they continued to fight, the wheel began to move. 


Ginny moved like a cat. 

A crazed cat. 

"Wait a second," she said. She waited a second then started moving again. "I need to know how to kill Muggles."

She thought. "I know who can teach me that!" 

Ginny grinned evilly and started again. 


Harry and Sadie were enjoying a peaceful picnic in the shade.

"Do you think Ginny's out by now?"


Norrington smiled as he looked at the key and strutted away. Suddenly, he slipped, falling into a hole. 

"Oh," he said, getting out. However, Elizabeth and Emmett's wheel rolled over him, lifting him into the air. The key fell from his grasp and hung on a nail on the wheel. 

He fell into the wheel and starts running, like a hamster wheel. He grinned. Who was the stupid one now?

A metal ring hit him in the head and he fell unconscious to the side.  


"We have to plan our revenge," Eowyn said to Peeta. 

Just then, Ginny strolled into the hallway, calling over her shoulder, "Thanks, Voldy!"

She looked positively horrifying. Eowyn turned to Peeta with an evil smirk on her face. Peeta suddenly felt very scared. 


"This is quite entertaining," commented someone who was sitting in the theater room. 

"Very," Miha agreed. "Popcorn, Elrond?"

"Thank you," Elrond reached into the bucket. 


Norrington awoke and saw Rosalie carrying an unconscious Will away. He started to reach for a coconut, but then decided against it. 


Pippin was caught totally off guard. 

He was happily munching on a snack as we strolled back to his room when suddenly . . . 

"AHA! I HAVE YOU NOW!" a crazed maniac screamed at him. Pippin shrieked, dropped his food, and ran away, Ginny chasing him. 

From behind a tapestry, Eowyn and Peeta high fived. 

"That'll teach him to eat all the food," Eowyn smiled. They walked out, and slipped on the food Pippin had spilled. They fell in the flour. 


Norrington had climbed a tree and was now waiting for the wheel to pass by. 

"First I'll get the pale guy," he schemed. "Then I'll just push Elizabeth a bit and steal the key!" 

As he was saying this, the wheel passed beneath his tree. After Norrington finished laughing evilly, he looked at it. 

"Hey, wait for me!"

He jumped down and ran after it.  


Fred and George strolled back to Ginny's room. They found a blasted down door and tons of smoke. 

"After her!" shouted George. 

~ half an hour later

Elladan and Elrohir found Fred and George trapped in their own prison bubble. 

"Harry is so dead for teaching her this," Fred muttered. "Hey, we're twins, too. Can we ask a small favor?


Meanwhile, Pippin had run into Harry and Sadie's picnic. 

"RUN!" he screamed. Harry put Pippin on on his back and started running with Sadie. However, Pippin saw the picnic food and made a grab for it. It spilled all over Harry and Sadie. 

"YOU INSOLENT MIDGET!" screamed Sadie, running after them. 


Annabeth and Legolas were still in the kitchen. 


Suddenly, a rush of water flooded the kitchen. A giant wheel rolled in, with Emmett and Elizabeth sword-fighting on it. Norrington chased after them. Rosalie was chasing them with an unconscious Will. Harry was carrying Pippin piggy-back style, and Sadie was chasing them, cursing the 'insolent midget.' All three were covered in food. 

Next came Ginny, whose hair was puffed up and frizzy, with a maniacal look on her face. Voldemort chased after her, saying, "That's it," and praising her. Eowyn and Peeta followed, both covered in flour. Fred and George's prison bubble rolled in, pushed by Elladan and Elrohir. 

Katniss ran after them, shooting arrows ar Eowyn, while battling with Faramir. Gale was protecting Eowyn. Ree, Miha, and Elrond came in with a conga line and belting out 'Heart Attack,' followed by crazed Demi Lovato fans. They all ran into the kitchen, then out. 

Legolas and Annabeth stared. 

"Checkmate," Legolas said. 

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