the day-z of my life

in the midst of a zombie infested world one lone survivor roams in search of others.
but as well as trying to survive, he is trying to hold on to his sanity as more and more of earth's population becomes zombified.


2. the survivors


i ignored the whisper.

"pssssst, hey over here."

i looked to where the voice was coming from  and there was a teenager, she looked about 14.she was directley behind me, i grabbed her and dived into a thick bush.

"are you mad girl!" I whispered harshly

"no, i heard a scream and came to investigate."

"then why did you call me over"

"I'm looking for other survivors."

I facepalmed, i should've known that from the fact that she was alone and sneaking.

"do you have weapons?" I whispered

"Yeah,do you have food?" she asked

"yeah,i guess we should stick together then. Whats your name"

"ashley, yours?"


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