the day-z of my life

in the midst of a zombie infested world one lone survivor roams in search of others.
but as well as trying to survive, he is trying to hold on to his sanity as more and more of earth's population becomes zombified.


1. searching

i woke up to a growl outside my den, I knew i had to go fast, i grabbed everything important and ran. my knife broke last night and i don't have anything in my arsenal. all i can do is run. It's hard to blend in and not get noticed by the zombies i've nearly been bitten around 15 times. anyw-    

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" i heard a female scream in the disance, unfortunately so did all the zombies. i had two options. 1: I could risk my life and try to save her, or 2: walk away while the zombies are distracted.

i decided to go with the second option as the latter woul mean certain death and judging from how loud the scream was, it means she just got bit. I walked of starting to look for anything sharp and strong...

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