The Girl in the Background

You will have to read to find out what happens :P


1. The First Day

I focus on the road as I drive and see poster after poster about One Direction being in town. I ignore them so they won't torture me, I have loved these boys since they first joined as a band. I look over at my best friend Jessie who gets to go to the concert.

"You are lucky you know that. I wish I was able to go, but someone wasn't able to get a ticket." I say as I sigh.

"Jilly don't freak out I never told you because I wanted to surprise you but here." Jessie says as she hands me a piece of paper. I look at it and realizes it says One Direction Take Me Home tour. I scream and slam on the breaks.

"No way oh my god I love you Jessie" I scream and hug her. I was so happy my dream is finally coming true. I start to drive again to pull up on a bus stopped and surrounded in girls. I roll my eyes and drive around it to get home. I get home and run in with Jessie. I get changed into a British flag shirt and red skinny jeans. I put on my One Direction bracelets and my Louis necklace. I run downstairs to Jessie and she looks at me and smiles. "Lets Go!" I nod and head out the door we live in an apartment a block away from the venue so we walk to the arena. We get there and go in to our seats front row seats to be exact. I pull out my sign that says I love you Louis and is decorated with red glitter and hearts. We scream as One Direction starts to come out. I hold up my sign and scream. Jessie yells in my ear "Oh my god Niall is even hotter in person!" I laugh and say "So is Louis!" She laughs and looks up on stage. I look up there to see Louis right in front of where I am standing and I scream as loud as I can. I watch him as he smiles and looks at my sign. He says something but I couldn't hear him over the other fans. I watch him as him walks away from where I am standing.

"Oh my god I can't believe Louis just said I love you too" Jessie screams. I look at her and say "You make me laugh he would never say that get real." She rolls her eyes as I look for Louis but I can't see him. Next thing I know he is standing in front of me again with something in his hand. He gives me one and gives Jessie one and walks away. I look at it and realize that it is a backstage pass. My eyes widen and I look at the stage and smiles and puts the pass around my neck. We get through the concert and we end up with no voices. We head backstage to find the boys and all the sudden I hear a familiar voice say "Hi girls looking for someone." I turn around and see Louis standing there smiling. I see him then everything goes dark and I feel a sharp pain on the back of my head. I wake up to see Louis standing over me with a concerned look on his face "Are you ok?" I get up and say "Yeah I'm good." I watch him as he gives me a hug and stares into my eyes. I don't know what over comes me but the urge just comes to me I lean in and kiss him. I realize what I just did I pull back and cover my mouth. He stands there with wide eyes and puts his hands in his pockets and walks away. I run after him and say sorry then gives him my number and runs back to Jessie. She looks at me and asks if I am ready to go which I am. We walk outside and walk home when I hear something behind us but its nothing. I head to my room and lay down and dreams about Louis. 

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