Imagines with One Direction(:

this is my first one and i know it sucks but if you want to help me write some please let me know and if you want just request it and ill try my best to make one!


1. Imagine With Zayn

You and Zayn were walking down to Nandos. You were in a short dress and Zayn was in his normal clothes. After you guys were done eating, Zayn said," Let's go see a movie." You said, " Okay, but not a scary one." Zayn just smirked. Once you got to the movies Zayn covered your ears so you couldn't hear what movie he choose. He didn't let you have your ticket because he didn't want you seeing the name of the movie. You guys bought popcorn and soda. You ran into the theater and ran up the stairs to the very back row and sat in the middle. Zayn ran after you and sat beside you. You kept on begging him to tell you the movie you were going to watch but he wouldn't tell you. When the movie started you could tell it was a scary movie, so you put your head on you knees and covered your ears. Zayn just laughed at you. "why did you chose a scary movie??" he said,"because I can protect you and hold you close when you get scared." you smiled. You hid your head into his side and he was laughing. You were wondering why he said that to you, you were just really good friends. But you couldn't bring yourself to ask him why. After the movie was over he started to run outside. You ran after him and once you stood next to him he said,"Follow me." you were confused and didn't have time to ask questions because Zayn started to run off again, and you ran to follow him. Once you were next to him again you noticed that you were on the beach. "Zayn...." you looked up at him and he was smiling and looking into your eyes. "Yes?" he asked. "Nevermind..."
"Is everything okay?"
"Listen I have to tell you something..."
You were smiling at him and gazing into his eyes. You were just wanting to kiss him and tell him how you feel about him, but you couldn't you didn't want things to be awkward.
"Okay go ahead"
You started to lean in but you pulled away before he noticed. He laughed and said,"why did you pull away?"
"I don't know I didn't think you would want me to kiss you."
"of course I do"
You started laughing. "haha okay so what do you need to tell me?"
"I.....I lo-"
You knew what he was going to say so you went for it and kissed him. "I love you too."
"Thank god you loved me too." he said.
You two were sitting on the beach kissing and he picked you up and threw you into the cold water. "ZAYN MALIK IM GONNA GET YOU!"
He just stood there laughing. You knew he couldn't swim so you pulled him in with you.
"You know I cant swim!" he whined
"yeah but I do and I'll help you."
"No I don't want to. "
"Okay" then you went under the water to fix your hair.
" Y/N!!! What are you doing?? Come back up! Please don't drown." Zayn yelled worried
He picked you up so you weren't in the water anymore and you started laughing.
"Zayn you are the sweetest thing ever and I wasn't drowning. I was fixing my hair cause it was all in my face."  you kissed him on the lips.
Zayn carried you out of the water and you were shivering. You sat on the picnic table, and Zayn came and sat beside you and wrapped his arms around you. "I really do love you" Zayn told you
"and I really love you too."
He smiled big and kissed you.
"can you take me to an hotel or somewhere other than my house now I'm really cold. And I can't go home now because it's way too late and my parents will be sleeping and I'll text my mom to tell her I slept over at a friends house."
"sure we can go to my house"
"Okay thank you so much"
"no problem love"
"you know I never thought me and you would ever date your so perfect and beautiful. I'm the luckiest girl ever and I thought we would always be friends."
"same with me. When did you start liking me?" he asked
"welp. Like 3 or 4 years ago that's when I started like really loving you. I was crushing on you before we even became best friends. When did you start liking me?"
"as long as I can remember."
You both walked hand in hand to his house.
"here love sleep in my bed tonight I'll sleep on the floor"
"no you're not sleeping on the floor. It's your bed you sleep here."
"the bed is big enough for the both of us." you tell him while patting the bed for him to sit there
"thanks love"
He takes of his shirt revealing his nice body. You look at his abs and he just starts laughing. You cuddle up next to him and lay your head on his chest. He wraps an arm around you and you two fall asleep like that.
You had the most wonderful night ever. And you spent it with your best friend/new boyfriend. You always thought that you would just be friends with Zayn, but you were happy you could finally date.


Sorry guys its really bad but its my first imagine.

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