Don't Tempt Me

I had everything going for me until my father died when I was 11. He tucked me in, he kissed my forehead, he gave me hugs, and he was my number one supporter. Now all I am is a bad girl. I used to be a good girl like the ones I would make fun of now. I don't care what people think of me wearing those short shorts that showed my smileys or wearing those low cut shirts that made it known that I had boobs. I hear them talking in the halls sometimes in my way to class. Comments about me weren't always bad. And there is no way in Hell my reputation could ever be turned around.

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23. Our Backstory Part 2

*in the car with Harry*

Evelyn's POV

"So?" I decided to break the ice first.

He just smirked.

"Okay then...don't talk..." I turned toward the window and just thought about how I've gotten here. Why me? I just allowed my mind to wander.


I turned the TV on to the channel that showed The X Factor. I have butterflies for him. Oh my gosh! I wish I was there but he said that he couldn't bring anybody except for family. He's amazayn!!! I need to really stop with my puns...I watches as many singers and other acts went through the process that Zayn would soon go through. I saw him walk out on stage and spoke into the microphone, his Bradford accent showing clearly through.

After he sang "Let Me Love You" by Mario, the judges gave good reviews even Simon Cowell. He was moved onto the next round. Yes! My baby did it!

My phone started to vibrate in my lap as I never put it on loud.

Caller ID: Zayn :*<3

"You did, babe!" I shrieked into the phone.

"Yes I did, Love," he chuckled, "how bout when I get home later on, we celebrate? I won't be able to do much because I'll have to leave tomorrow though," he explained.

"Anything as long as I can see you," I smile into the phone.

"Okay, I'll see you later, baby," he obviously was smiling, too.

"Okay bye," I said as I hung up the phone.

*flashback over*

I remember watching him getting to the final stages as a group not as the solo singer as he wanted but he seemed happy-happy without me...when they got knocked out, and he called me to say he couldn't wait to see me when he got home but still with the depression of knowing he lost his chance. I knew for sure I had to leave...I never made him as happy as his music. He loves it with a passion. I was so stupid. I have never been anybody's first. God! I just want to slap the person I was then in the face!

A tear slipped from my eye and down my cheek.

"Mel? Mel, what's wrong?" Harry reached over and placed his hand on my arm, rubbing circles with his thumb.

I completely ignored him and let my mind wander again.


"Hun, what's wrong?! Why are you packing?" I heard Patricia's voice from behind me.

" have to go..." I sighed.

"Why? Honey, I told you that you could never over stay your welcome!"

"I know...I promise I'll be back," I collected all of my things that were scattered around his room and in his drawers.

"If it's something Zayn did-"

"No Zayn is's me," I started to sob as I finally had everything in my bag.

"Oh could you think such a possible thing?" She stroked my hair. She's been like a mother to me.

"Hi mum! I'm home-" we were interrupted by Zayn coming home. My loud sobs must have distracted us from hearing the front door open.

"Evelyn what's wrong?" His choice of words sent wounds throughout every muscle in my body. I was frozen to the spot and couldn't move.

"I will leave you two to it," Patricia left and now it was just the two of us.

"Why is your bag packed?" He pointed to my bag.

Excuse. I need an excuse.

"I'm going to a friends house," I slyly slid my answer in. Maybe after a while of ignoring him he will get the catch that it's over.

"You've never packed that much before..." He questioned me slightly.

Excuse. Another excuse.

"Zayn I can't stay here anymore."

"Why not?"

"I fear you love me to much and won't let me go. You never give me enough space and I'm sick of it!" Well that escalated quickly...none of the things I said was true. I started to cry from the lies being thrown at him, and he didn't even know.

"I'm trying. I really am. If it was that incident of me bruising you, I've changed I promise." He pleaded.

"No it isn't," I looked him straight in the eyes. This is it. This is the final time I can see his face. The final moment I can see his smile. The final moment I'm in touching lengths to him. After this, I wouldn't bare seeing him.

"What is it then?!" He screamed, his eyes bloodshot front the tears already slipping his eyes,"do you not love me?" He whispered, hoping it couldn't be true. It was never true- anything- this argument- all of it should not be happening. Instead we should be kissing and laughing and doing what we usually do together. But I'm the fool who screwed it up by loving him too much. I will only grow more in love with him, and when we do break up, it will be me hurt in the end. And to be honest, I CANNOT deal with anymore heartache. Better to get over with it now than later. I guess.

"Yes Zayn. I never loved you that's the thing! You forced it on me! I don't want you anymore!" I cried and sobbed even louder.

"Then why are you crying?" He barely made out a sound, but I knew what he said.

"Because I stuck around this long..." I coldly say as I walk down his hall and out of his house. He didn't even try this time...he didn't even cry as hard...he didn't even say good bye...he didn't run after me...he didn't grab my wrist like our fights before...he didn't even fight back...

But isn't that what I it never was...there was a small amount of me that wished he would be able to convince me once again to stay but the rest of me said otherwise.

"Evelyn!" He yelled after me.

"Don't call me that!" No one calls me that except for him. It hurts too much to hear my name being spoken. It will always remind me of his voice rolling it off of his tongue- Every time we went to sleep, every time we shared intimate kisses, every time we joked, every time is woke up in the morning with. Everything. More tears and pain slipped down my cheeks.

"I will call you, Evelyn! Because you are my Evelyn. The one I adore and love and I can't even think because I'm just so broken from you. You don't mean any of those words...I know it! You wouldn't share a bed with me otherwise! For god sakes just turn around!"

Don't turn mind spoke.

Turn around...but me body said another.

I made a 180 degree turn to face him right in front of me. He moved closer to the point where our foreheads touched.

"What do you want?" I whined as I tried to stay strong for just a little while longer.

"Why did you stay?" And the words pained my heart more than any others he had said because as he said that I knew the lie crept into his heart and shattered the piece I was sewed into. And maybe he did love me as much as he said he did. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around his neck and forget about what just happened. But the embarrassing admittance of how I felt was too much to bare and I've already broken both our hearts enough to the point of me leaving as the best option.

"Goodbye, Love," I said as I pivoted on my heel and walked down the cobblestone walk way and out onto the street where cars buzzed by.


"Melody? Melody! Melody!" Harry's voice rose increasingly as I came back to what was now the present world, "we're here..,"he shyly pointed to his house as he extended his hand for me to hop down from his car and onto the cement.

"Thank you," I weakly replied.

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