Don't Tempt Me

I had everything going for me until my father died when I was 11. He tucked me in, he kissed my forehead, he gave me hugs, and he was my number one supporter. Now all I am is a bad girl. I used to be a good girl like the ones I would make fun of now. I don't care what people think of me wearing those short shorts that showed my smileys or wearing those low cut shirts that made it known that I had boobs. I hear them talking in the halls sometimes in my way to class. Comments about me weren't always bad. And there is no way in Hell my reputation could ever be turned around.

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29. authors note

Alright! So I've been having trouble trying to login for forever now and finally was able to sign back in. It's been forever since I've wrote a chapter. I even had to reread my story. Anyway, I find that my story is dull and pretty stupid. I'm sorry for how bad it has been, but be ready for the next chapter because the couples will collide ;) and my writing isn't shitty like it was before. Thank you for all your support and happy new year!!!



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