Lily. A beautiful picture, that is until one day, Saturday, her world got smothered in black paint. Abandoned, afraid... alone, how will she get out of this alone, alone and a half.


1. Prologue

"Saturday, yeah Saturday. Thats when it happened, when... well."

"When what happened, tell me!" A quiet mumble was heard of the other girl, "Lily speak up, I can't hear you."

"When..." she slowly trailed off, as if she was scared of the outcome of this converstation. Looking up she saw the look of confusion and panic on her friends delicate face, "Sorry Sophie, I just can't, it's to early. It could be wrong," She turned away, hiding a fragile tear.

"What. What could be wrong" Sophie shouted to her friend as she sped up the hallway. There was no reply, just silence.

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