Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


20. only single

Niall p.o.v.

I left Robin. And I was happy. Savannah was amazing. She knew the real me. Robin and I were ment to be friends thats how it started. Savannah was one of her friends growing up till she moved to London in third grade. Savannah, she was beautiful with her long, curly ginger hair. All the feelings I had for Robin was bottled up and stored and hopfully destroyed.

"Hey do you want to go and hang out with the girls they live in London with you." "Sure I'll go now. Are you sure Robin will like me?" "Of course." The thing was, Robin and her, most likely will not get along. Even if they used to be friends.


Robin p.o.v.

"Shut up and listen to Harry........ No I don't care if he doesn't know what hes doing just listen to him........ Ok good bye." Zayn keeps saying that Harry doesn't know anything about hair and that the curls mean nothing. That boy can't take advice from anyone and acording to him everyone is an idoit. 

I talked to Ronnie last night about our promise. She made me relize that we were made to be just friends. I didn't mind that. I was over him and the boys knew it. Dani was over for a girls day along with Perrie. "Robin door!" I got up and walked to the door because Ronnie was to lazy to get off the couch and walked seven feet. "Hello?" Some ginger was standing at my door. "Hi I'm Savannah, Niall's girl." This is the girl. She seemed nice and she was really pretty. I can see them together. "Robin, and don't worry I'm over him even though its only been a day." She laughed. Even her laugh was amazing. Her and Niall would make a great couple. "Come in." I let her in and she introduced herself.

Us girls had a great time and I told her about Niall, I told her everything he did as a kid even the stupid shitty things he did. I missed Savannah when she moved so we got along better. I didn't reconize her. Last time I saw her she had strawberry blonde hair. She wasn't friends with Niall.


Harry p.o.v.

I had a thing for Ronnie. She had a great personality. "Hey, go out with me." Ok I may have just made this weird. "What?" "Go out with me pweaze." Ronnie laughed along with other girls so I knew she had me on speacker. She always had me on speacker. "Ok Harry I will." "Twank you!" I said as babyish as possible. "Ok well I have to go so I can get the teasing over with." "Ok." I heard some mumbling and Robin took the phone. "Harry take good care of my friend and if you hurt her I will rip your head off. And tell Lou I said hi." She hung up the phone leaving me speechless. Lou walked into the room and congradulated me. "And Robin says hi." I said before he walked out of the room. He smiled and continued. Since Her and Niall broke up for good he has been really happy. 


Louis p.o.v.

Harry got a girlfriend and I was the only single one. Great. But Robin said hi and I was suddenly happy. Something about her made me happy. I can't wait to see her again. Maybe Paul can let her tag along and only her if I beg enough.

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