Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


22. niall is dead

Robin p.o.v.

I said yes to Louis and we make the best prankers ever. I would say couple but that sounds better. So yup we've hit all the boys but Zayn, we're afriad to die. Here is what we did so far

Harry: Straighten hair

Liam: Had him drink liquid baking soda and carrots. (Lou didn't want to give up his babies up)

Niall: Took away all the food and hid the room service menue. (Mwahahah)


"Rob, We neeed to get Zayn so I can be happy." Louis pleaded while walking into my room. I noticed blonde in my door way. Evesdroper. "Hold on a sec." I snuck over to the door. "Niall!" I yelled and little leperchaun jumped back and fell onto the floor covering his ears. I shut the door and walked back. "So-" I was cut off by Savannah calling me. 

"Hey gurl waz happening?" I know, but I copy Zayn a lot. "Nothing really." She was crying. "Dude, if you are crying somethings up. Unless you are watching 'The Notebook' but you don't like the girl in it so" She chuckled since she knew it was true. "Fine. Niall broke up with me." What. Was this true? "Savannah I'll call you back. I gotta kill someone." "Ok." That is why I like her. She lets me kill someone. "Who was that?" I ignored Louis and stormed over to the door. 

I walked to Niall and Liam's room with Lou behind me all confused. "Niall James Horan!" I screamed as I walked into the room. Him and Liam were watching 'Teenage Ninga Turtles'. They both just stared at me. Niall scared shitless. "You. Are. Dead." I said pointing at him. Liam got up and walked over to Lou. "Whats going on?" "I don't know." They 'whispered' to each other. 


Niall p.o.v.

What was her problem? "I told you that if you broke my friends heart I would kill you!" Oh shit.

"Robin hear me out." I said reaching out to grab her but she backed away. "Don't touch me." She growled and Lou pulled her back. "Niall, what did you do?" Liam asked coming towards me. "He broke up with Savannah." Liam looked at me with anger. "What has gotten into you lately?" Liam asked. I saw sorrow in his eyes. I knew that what I have been doing is wrong but I still like Robin. I hate what I did to hurt her so many times and I pushed her into Louis' arms and they are happy.


Louis p.o.v.

We eventually solved the problem(2 hours later). "Hey." I said crawling into the bed next to Robin. She was still upset about everything. "Hi." "Niall still likes you, thats why he did what he did." I said looking at her. "I know he does but I got over him. I thought I loved him but I relized after about a week of dating him I didn't love him like that." I kissed her forehead as a smile apeared on her face. "You still love me though?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Of course. More than ever." She cuddled into me and I put my arm around her.

                                                    the next moring

I woke up and went down stairs. "Niall I need to talk to you." I said and pulling him away from the fridge before he could answer. I told him everything from last night. Niall nodded. "Ok thanks for telling me." "If you do find another girl don't use her as a rebound. Ok?" He nodded again and walked away.

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