Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


39. Happy Endings

Robin p.o.v.

It has been a month since I came to Doncaster. I love this town very much but sadly we have to leave. Lottie woke up and is doing great, she comes home in a few days. The boys really need to finish the album, and they need Louis for that. "Promise to call, ok?" "Of course, and tell Lottie ti be careful when she comes home." She nodded and we borded our plane. "I am going to miss your house." I stated. "Why? I like getting away from there." "Well I'm not from around here and it seems like a great town." "Well people have different opinions." I grinned and set my head on the back of my seat and fell asleep.


Niall p.o.v.

They were coming back today. We need to record Louis' parts so we can finish the album. I was waiting at the airport nice and normal. The others, well not so much. Liam was being attacked by Zayn because he took his comb. Harry was being bambarded by tons of girls. Liam got back together with Danielle so she was here along with Perrie. Thay were filming their boyfriends rolling around on the floor.

"So when does their plane land?" Ronnie said walking next to me. "Soon I hope." I wanted it to land now. I missed them. Those two brought so much joy into our little family. All of that joy has been gone though, we just sit around and watch movies. When we try to play truth or dare it's awful. No one pushes Liam to pick dare, it's just dull. "Now landing, Doncaster." I filled with joy. i turned around and everyone had stoppped what they were doing. Zayn was about to cry. Haha Liam broke his comb. Ronnie pulled Harry out of the jungle of girls. We all walked over to the gate.


Robin p.o.v.

We landed and were walking off the plane. Then I spotted them. "Zayn!" I ran over and hugged him tight. Zayn was awsome. "Hey!" Niall yelled, I let go and went to hug him. "So happy that you're back. It was so boring with out you guys." Liam stated. I guess him and Dani are back together. We got our luggage, the boys taking them so we don't have to. "I missed London." I said putting my hands into my pockets. "Really? I thought you were going to miss my house more." I chuckled. It was true I was going to miss Doncaster and Louis' house, but I love my friends.

As walking ot the entrace I crashed our lips together. Like every time little fireworks went off in my head. We had our own car. That was nice. They were letting us be for the day and I was happy. The last time everyone went out without us we kissed. Same thing happened here but I'm not dating Niall. Niall and I were different people. We can't be together. Only friends. I love my life. No matter how much it seems to suck. I never would want to leave it. Both my parents are gone, but the boys kept me, well me. Without them I probably would have shut every one out. I am forever lost in this world but I know eventually I will find my home. I had two important people in my life pick me or the band, they never left me behind, they came back for me. That's how I have ones that care for me. Louis and I walked hand in hand in our world. Our perfect world. But I did find my home. Here with these boys. With the one that loves me.


                                                                         ~The End~

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