Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


6. getting you back

Robin p.o.v.

I went back to the house and grabbed my duffle bag. My mum payed the last morgage payment for the house so all I have to do is pay eletric and water. I'm going to need a job though. I grabbed a pen and paper a wrote a note for Maura. 


Niall picked the band. I made the decision to brake up with him. Since we are no longer together I thought it would be weird if I lived here. I'm going back to my house. Thank you for taking me in and I apprecate it.




I got to the house, unpacked and went searching.



Maura p.o.v.

I went to the store when everyone got to the house. They had to talk to Niall about something. I walked in the door to find the house empty. "Niall, Robin!" I yelled heading to the kitchen. No answer. Then I saw a note on the counter. Niall was in London and Robin went home.


Niall p.o.v.

I was in a taxi going to the new house. "Lou what will my mum think?" I remembered that I never told her. "And since Robin broke up with me is she still going to stay there?" "Niall calm down your mum will understand and I'm positive Robin will still be there when you come home." Liam said but it doesnt work much I'm still paranoid.

We pulled into the house and got to our rooms. "Hey it was your choice Niall." Zayn said on his way to his room. "I need to talk to Paul." I ran out of the room and to Paul's car. He was about to pull out when he saw me. "Niall whats wrong?" He said getting out of the car. "Please Paul I need Robin can she live here?" "you two broke up." "I know but I love her." My voice cracked. "Give it a month and if you still want her here I'll talk to Simon."

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