Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


1. flashback

What happened last:


Niall came back to town and eventually Robin forgave him and they started dating.  Robins was sent to an orphanage and Niall Adopted her. They had minor ups and down until Louis came to live with Robin and Niall for three weeks. He kept Robin far away as possible until she couldn’t take it any more and went to Florida with Ronnie. Niall goes after her. And Robin comes face to face with someone she never wanted to see again.




if you haven't read the first book go read it. otherwise you will be as confused as Kermie Worm in the Jenna Marbles video 'what are this' on youtube


I would like to give a shoutout to 1dbiggestfan. She gave some great ideas for this book. So thank you once again

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