Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


28. cold water

Robin p.o.v.

We were on our way back to London. "Girlies!" Niall yelled and hugged us tight. "Niall Horan I demand you to let them go!" Louis said trying to pry the kid off us. He eventually let go and we both took in a deep breath. "Finally fresh air!" I said and Niall looked disappointed. Ronnie snickered at his reaction. 

The rest of the boys came and welcomed us home. "I've missed you all so much." "Same here." Harry replied looking at Ronnie. "Don't fight it." I lifted her head and pushed her into Harry. She looked back at me with pleading eyes. "Don't do this." She mouthed to me. I ignored her and started going back to my room. "No love let me." Zayn took my bags and headed to the room. "Zayn shes mine, don't call her love!" Louis ran after Zayn who had started running away. "May I?" I turned back to Harry who still had Ronnie in his arms. He took her bags and her to their room.

The other two had disappeared. I was standing in the middle of the room all alone. "I'm going swimming." Since the day I got lost, when I've been away for awhile I return with my swimsuit under my clothes. Smart right?

"Cold cold cold." I squealed and got out. "Ok, one, two, three!" I jumped into the pool. I screamed from the cold. Not Loud I hope. Just gotta sit here and wait.

Nope. I continued to swim around the ice cold pool. It was deep and cold. Now I know what it felt like being on the Titanic. "Robin are you ok!?" The boys ran into the pool area looking at me scared. "Yeah." "Then why did you scream?" "Took you long enough. But no I'm fine the water is just cold." I laughed. "Sorry we didn't know where you were. And it can't be that cold?" Louis said coming closer. I held out my hand. "Help me out?" He bent down to grab my hand. I was going to answer his question. I pulled him into the pool. The boys laughed at Lou freaking out in the pool. "Why is it so god damn cold!?" They laughed even harder.


Louis p.o.v.

The water was freezing. Why is it freezing? I was just splashing around the pool looking like an idiot. "Ok I want out." I said and slowly swam to the stairs, Robin following me. Why did she have to do this? "I was answering your question Boo." I looked back at her and she was using her innocence face that I hate. I continued out of the pool my clothes dripping wet. I looked at Niall who was laughing non-stop. "Hug?" I said opening my arms and coming closer to him. "Oh hell no!" "Hey thats my thing!" Robin said defending her title. Niall didn't act fast enough since I wrapped him in a big bear hug. He was trying to wiggle his way out but he was no watch for me. "Let me go!" "Never!" 


Niall p.o.v.

I was trapped. There was nowhere to turn. The only way to get out of this alive was calling for help. "Help!" I called to the other three just standing there laughing their butts off. I was cold and wet. "Come on Louis let him go." Zayn said coming to the rescue. He got him off my and went running to the girls and fake cried. Baby. "Thank heavens hes off me." the boys were disappearing one by one. "Hey where did you go?" I called and there was no answer. "No guys really." The only people still there were the girls and I. "Niall move!" I looked at Ronnie in confusion. I then knew what she ment. "Harry!" Robin yelled.

I surfaced the water.  I looked at him then it came to me. "Cold!" I screamed and tried geting out. Harry kept pushing me into the pool. "Niall." I looked to my right and saw Robin at the stairs with a towel. "Thanks." I said as she wrapped me in it. "No problem." She said back. I smiled at her and she smiled back. "I'm hungry." I yelled making Robin flinch. "Anyone want Nandos?" They all moaned when I said that. "Niall we always have Nandos. Can't we eat something else?" Liam said and I looked at him shocked. He always agreed with me on food. 

We settled on pizza. We always have pizza. I rolled my eyes when it got here. "We have to go back to tour tonight." "I don't want to we got off this morning and now we are going back." "Niall stop get used to it." Us boys were arguing about it. We still have to finish our Ireland tour then we go to America. 


Paul p.o.v.

I was on my way to pick up the boys. Louis was picking up Robin today and all of them wanted to see her. Robin was a nice girl but I don't really trust her friend. That girl looks like she is up to something. I am just over reacting I bet. but still. 

"Boys lets go!" They were sitting around eating pizza while watching tv. They looked at me and ran off. Leaving only the girls. I smiled at them and they waved while shoving pizza in their mouth. The boys raced into the room one by one. "Ready?" "Yup." Harry and Louis hugged the girls and off to the car they went. 

"Harry, Louis, I need to talk to you." They looked at me for a few and walked over. "Do you really trust those girls?" Their faces. I've never seen them so speechless. "Why would you say that? Of course we do." Harry said and pulled Louis back to the car.  

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