Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


21. back

Robin p.o.v.

I was going to take a little vacation. I'm going to suprise the boys. I have had enough of 'girl time' and I miss them alot. Paul said that I can go on tour with the boys for as long as I need.

"I'm goona miss you so much!" Perrie said and the other girls nodded and hugged me. "The boys don't know so don't tell them. Ok?" They all nodded and walked to the car. "Got it miss sassy." Ronnie replied. This was a big oppertunity for me they knew it. 


Liam p.o.v.

The rest of the boys were in the dressing room while I was walking around back stage. I stopped and hid aroud a corner when I heard Paul talking. "I'm glad you wanted to come." "I'm glad you let me." The girl laughed and I knew that voice from a mile away. "Robin!" I yelled and ran over to her. "Liam!" She hugged me tight and I lifted her into the air and set her back down. "You can't tell the others I'm here." I nodded and we were called on stage. Lou wasn't going to let us sleep tonight.


Robin p.o.v.

I was waiting back stage in the dressing room for the conert to end. "Lou stop running and let harry go to the bathroom! You will never beat him!" One of the boys said. Harry ran into the room and past me but backed up. "Robin?" Then Louis came into the room with Zayn and Niall holding him. He saw me and his eyes got wide. "Let. Me. Go!" And he ran just to squish me. "Oh how I've bloody missed you." He let go of me so the others can hug me. 


Louis p.o.v.

We finished our concert and Harry had to pee. I was running to get there first just to mess with him. "Lou stop running and let harry go to the bathroom! You will never beat him!" Zayn said trying to catch me followed by Niall. They grabbed me and slowed me down to a walk.

Just like we thought Harry got in and headed to the bathroom. Or so I thought. My eyes got wide at the sight of her. Zayn tensed up a bit and Niall was normal. "Let. Me. Go!" I yelled and ran to her and held her tight. I eventually let her go so the others can see her. "Liam, why you no hug Robin?" Harry asked. He didn't have to go no more I guess. I ran for nothing. "I saw her before the concert." He claimed. "Why didn't you tell us?" Zayn said this time giving him those sad eyes that Liam as gotten from us at least once. "It was a secert." We all ignored him and brought our attention back to Robin.

                                                            At .~.~.~.~.~ Hotel

Niall p.o.v.

"Hey Robin can I talk to you?" Lou asked and I looked at them. She nodded and they both got up and walked into the hotel hallway. "What do they need to talk about?" Liam said all confused. Harry just sat there all blue. "I thought I was her best friend?" "Harry shut up." I said then got up and walked over to the door.

"So I was thinking.......And I really like you." "Thats why we are best friends Lou." Robin giggled. "Well I really like you, but more than a friend." Lou answered with his hand rustling in his hair. "Oh......" "So thats why I was thinking. Will you go out with me? I won't be like Niall." Well I feel offended. Something inside me filled with anger and jelousy. I'm with Savannah, why do I feel like this? "Yes, yes!" Robin jumped into his arms and I felt like killing him.

They walked back and I ran. "What did they say?" They asked at once. "Hey guys 'Rou' Is now real!" Lou yelled before I could tell them. The boys jumped with joy. It was offical, I was jelous.



sorry if its not that good I had to babysit at eight and my mum got me up at five thirty, so yeah. Me tired. 

Do you like the chapter or no?


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