The First Look...

A young girl by the name of Addison is abused by her Uncle. Her parents died after so she had to live with him. Months after their deaths her Uncle started Raping/beating her. Her best friend Alyssa is an alcoholic and a druggie. Addison's life turns upside down when she meets a boy named JC Caylen. They instantly fall in love. Could this be love at first sight? Could this be her One and Only? **Warning nothing to exclipt in here just kissing and drug abuse**


1. A New Life

          As I stood there, in shock, as I watched my parents being put into the ambulance. they just got in a car accident. My uncle came and picked me up. Later that day.. I get a call from the hospital! I immediately answer asking the doctor "are they ok?" ''when will they get out of the hospital?''. The doctor sighed, in a concerned tone, ''I'm very sorry but your parents didn't make it''. I dropped the phone and immediately starting bawling with tears. My uncle walked in and saw me crying. ''what's wrong?'' he asked, ''there gone'' I said , still crying. ''You can come live with me'', ''I'm going to miss them so much'', ''it's OK you came come to live in Los Angelas ,California, we can enroll you in a new school, start a new life.'' ''OK'' I said. I know I can get through this. But how? Maybe I can find new friends get a boyfriend talk with a therapist? No, not a therapist, OK maybe I will consider it.

       Days after the funeral I was packed and ready to move. I said my goodbyes and we left. I am totally going to miss my friends, but I cant live alone.

We arrived and the place looked amazing. I was surprised to see a big house, considering my uncle works at Wal-Mart. We passed by the school and got me enrolled and my first day starts this August, just like the rest of the students. I'm hoping to make some good friends not like back in Louisiana, where all the girls were fighting over one boy. I'm also hoping to meet a really cute guy that can help me through this loss.

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