Jarida - Finally

Merida has liked Jack for some time and one day when they're in the forest something happend that she never would've expected.


1. Really? Do you mean it?


Jack started slowly walking towards her in the grass. A track of frost and snow followed his steps. She looked up from her bed of grass and saw him a few feet away. Her breath smelled from the strawberries they had shared and she could feel her heart beating harder through her chest. Now standing just by her feet, Jack reached out his hand for her to grab and smirked a little. She gave Jack a genuine smile, took his hand and got up. They stood quiet and looked at eachother for a good minute before Jack opened his mouth and said; ‘’There’s something I need to tell you.’’. His cheeks turned slightly pink and then gave her another smirk. He leaned against his staff as he spoke the words she never thought would leave his lips; ‘’I like you’’.


It started snowing over them and one unusual snowflake landed on her nose and she shivered. She started walking backwards a few steps and then she thought her heart stopped when she felt his cold, lightly blue lips press against hers. His lips tasted like fresh snow and an little ounce of peppermint.

She stopped and just looked at him with the most surprised look you could ever imagine. Jack cracked up in a small laugh and gently laid his hands on her cheeks. Her lips then formed a little smile before they perfectly shaped after his snowy lips. He could hear her breath and feel the taste of strawberries on his tongue.

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