Jarida - Finally

Merida has liked Jack for some time and one day when they're in the forest something happend that she never would've expected.


3. Oh shit!

Where her bed once were standing was now just a big pile of snow, and from the corner of her eye she could see a white haired boy standing behind her. ‘’Hello Princess’’, he said and with light, cold fingertips storked down along her spine. Merida cold shivered before turning around with a serious look on her face, ‘’Don’t call me that!’’, she said giving him a little push on the shoulder before she noticed the looked on his face, he weren’t going to let her slip away that easy. Jack took his staff and wrapping it around her waist, dragging her as close to his body as possible. Merida lost what she was doing by looking into his ice blue eyes, her eyes flickered between his lips that she still could feel pressing against hers in the forest and his magical ice blue eyes. ‘’Princess’’, Jack said with a big smile before he felt something on his lips, it was Merida pressing her warm lips against his cold, slightly blue lips.

Jack started to kiss her back, more and more enthusiastic, at the same time as laying a cold hand on her hip. Against his lips, Merida whispered playfully, ‘’Don’t call me Princess’’. Now lying in the bed of snow, they started to undress each other.


‘’What did we just do? How is this even possible?’’, she asked before she gathered her hair in a ponytail and reached after her clothes. Before she reached her clothes Jack took her hand and pulled Merida close to his body, ‘’Don’t go yet...’’, he said dragging his finger along her back before kissing her on the cheek.

She looked at him seriously, their little fun time was over. ‘’My parents are still downstairs, you numskull. I can’t believe that we did it when my mum was home. What was I thinking?!’’, Merida said and turned around, grabbed her dress  before she remembered that Jack still was lying in her bed, completly naked. It was so quite that you could hear the wood from the fire slowly burning up. After a good minute or two, you could hear Jack trying to hold back a laugh.

‘’What’s so funny?’’, Merida asked. Jack stood up and walked to her, looking at her from top to toe, still naked. Merida looked away and started laughing, slowly realicing why he was laughing about earlier, she was still undressed. ‘’So you finally remembered, sorry if I distracted you before, ''I know I’m sexy as hell.’’, Jack stood before her, giving her a big sarcastic smile. She turned to look at him, thinking things like; Wow he’s beautiful, and, That bastard. The fire from the fireplace started fadeing as he kissed her passionately before getting dressed, going towards the window and flying away on the wind.

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