Jarida - Finally

Merida has liked Jack for some time and one day when they're in the forest something happend that she never would've expected.


2. Knock it off!

After a while lying in what ones was grass but now was a winter wonderland, Jack started to pull away slightly and slowly ended the kiss. She looked at him and got up from the bed of snow; ‘’Let’s never talk about this again.’’, she said seriously before she took her bow and sat up on Angus and rode off, away from the forest back to the fortress. Jack still sitting in the grass, just smiled after her and then flew away on the wind blowing towards the fortress after her.

When she reached the fortress, she led Angus in to his box and then walked in to the big room were the rest of the family were eating dinner. ‘’Merida! Where have you been young lady?’’, her mother began while Merida took a plate of cookies and sat down at the only empty chair. Jack stopped outside her bedroom window and sat down at the foot of her bed where a pattern of frost slowly showed. ‘’Mum, I’ve been in the forest all day, I told you.’’, she answered a bit irritated and thought aboout Jack for a second and smiled before biting her lip. Her mom looked at her and sighed, ‘’What are you thinking about?’’, she asked curiously trying to hold back a little smile.

‘’Nothing.’’, Merida said, making it obvious that something was going on and then she walked away from the table, up to her room where a special somone were waiting.

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