cover me up and never leave

a small town girl with big dreams. then one day she meats one direction and her big dream comes true


1. my first dream

is night time and i am trying to go to sleep and i just cant so i close my eyes and star to think about my favorite band  (one direction) i soom fell asleep...

                                                    ~ my first dream this year ~

i was walking to my favorite restrant KFC and i walked into the store got my food and sat down at a table. I was eating when someone came up to me and asked... " hi i dont mean to bother you but i need help no one seams to know how to speak english and you look like you can so can you help me.'' i look up to see niall horan. i sit there and smile because i knew alot of people how come here like to eat food and alot of food. " ya let me help" i said and got up and walked to the person at the conter. ''so what do you want?" i ask and look at him. " well what you had looked realy good so can i get what you have?" he asked and i looked at Marry (the person who takes my order). " the usual '' i say to marry and she smiles and hands me the food she had just made. niall pays and i smile to Marry to thank her. Niall follows me to my seat and eats with me. we talk for a little bit then i tell him that i have to go and this is what happened... " wait before you go can i get your number?" he ask and i trun around and say " only if i can have yours!" i say and smile. we exchange numbers and hug and off we went our separate ways. when i got home i called Tera. it rang a few time then someone answered the phone. " hello?" she asked " Tera?" " ya this is her who is this?" " this is Nova and you need to add my number to your phone!" i say and we talk for alittle bit and i tell her what just happened and she ended up coming to my house. right when she got there my phone started to ring and i know that i dont have to answer the door because she just walks in and plus she has her own key. " hello?" i ask " hey its me niall i was wondering if you want to hang out to night and go to a bar with the boys?" he askes " under on condtion i get to bring my best friend Tera" i say not willing to give in " ok thats fine meat me at my flat at 9:00. i will text you the address" he said then we said goodbye and hung up ~ skipping rest of day ~ i look at my clock and it said 8:00. " oh crap Tera we need to get ready to go to the bar with one direction" i yell at her because she is in the kitchen and i and in the living room. " ok meat me up saires i will be ther soon" she yelled back and i ran up staires and soon after i got to my room Tera was there in a flash. we got ready and i got Nialls text to were his flat was. we drove there picked up the boys and went to and irish pub. " is this good guys" i ask as i get out of the car and the boys think that it is just fine. we walked inside and got a little drunk and we were all dancing on the dance floor. i got tired and when to go sit down and someone grabed my arm and spun me around and....

                                                                    ~ end of dream ~

i woke up and walked to my kitchen and got some cookies and milk and ate them and went to sleep again.....

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