cover me up and never leave

a small town girl with big dreams. then one day she meats one direction and her big dream comes true


2. i wake up

i woke up for the second time and this time is the last because i have to go to work. so i get out of bed and get in the shower. after my shower i get ready the any other day.  i soon head off to work. i work as a model for a skatboard brand. when i get to work i up into hair and makeup then i get dressed and have a normal day at work except... " hey Nova i have to tell you something when you are done with your shoot" ~ after phot shoot ~ " ya what is it rachel?" i ask " well you have to do a photo shoot with one direction tomarow instead of your normal day with us!" she said " do i have to wear a dress? or can i just wear my normal modeling clothes because i dont like dresses that is why i work here and model instead of a normal model.'' i  say hoping i dont have to wear a dress. " i dont know you will have to wait and see.''


A/N: sorry short chapter i have to eat dinner and then go and get some nice clothes for the wedding i have to be in on frinday and Happy Birthay dad i love you :D

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