cover me up and never leave

a small town girl with big dreams. then one day she meats one direction and her big dream comes true


3. After work

After work I go home and call one of my friends that is dating one of the members do one direction. "Hey" she said (her name is Tera ) " hey guess what?" "What?" "Well I have to go do a modeling shot with one direction tomorrow!" " oh my god that is great and tell Niall that I love him I will see him tomorrow night k well that is great news but I am at work so I have to go meat me at Starbucks at 3:00 ok " ok I will do all of that " " ok thanks bye" " bye " and with that we both hung up and I have to get heading over to Starbucks like now because I live like 15 minute away.....





A/N sorry guys a really short chapter again I know I am slacking a little but I fell asleep right after I started to right this and it is like 4:24 am and I am fucking sleepy like really sleepy so I am going to go to bed and I will try and update tomorrow 0.o that is how I feel right now so good night my giraffes ( favorite animal ) ~N 

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