My older brother Liam

Liam Payne has a secret older sister. Not Ruth, not Nicola, but Naomi. She's about a year older than him and let's say they are complete opposites. Liam and Naomi Do NOT get along at all, but what happens when Liam and Naomi meet up. While he's with his band mates.


14. The friends with benefits pt. 2.

Emma and Darbi got out of the back seats of my red convertible, and I put the hood up. We ran to the front of the house.

"WOAH!" Emma screamed.

"I know right!" Darbi screamed. 

Darbi was about it ring the doorbell, but I pushed her, receiving a 'hey!' And knocked on the door then screamed, "OPEN UP PEOPLE NAOMI IS HERE!!!"

i heard running, then a Harry opened the door. 

"Hello beautiful lady," he said to me, "and beautiful lady's friends." 

They blushed and I just flicked him, then hugged his bear chest. 

"These are my friends, Emma and Darbi." 

"Excuse me, BEST!" Emma said.

"Sorry little girl." I said.

harry welcomed everybody and called the boys. Emma and Darbi had a minor fangirling session and Liam avoided my gaze.

"Hey, Li Li can we talk?" I asked.

"Whatever." He said. 

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