My older brother Liam

Liam Payne has a secret older sister. Not Ruth, not Nicola, but Naomi. She's about a year older than him and let's say they are complete opposites. Liam and Naomi Do NOT get along at all, but what happens when Liam and Naomi meet up. While he's with his band mates.


10. Text messages and songs?

Naomi's pov 

well, that was fun. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and all of that stuff. I got in bed. mmm so comfy.

*beep beep beep*

oh I got a text message! 

From: Harry

hey, um Naomi I had fun with you today hope we can hang out soon xx :) Harry 

From: Naomi 

thanks boyyy I had fun with you too tell the guys I said hi hope we can hang out too xx 

Liam's pov

Harry seems happy. It must be a girl.

"Yeah you've got that one thing..." I heard Harry sing.

I ran to his room. "Woah mate, good song! Who's it about?" I asked.

"Oh, just a girl I met, nothing major." He said

"Okayyyy, well it's very good, I didn't know you could write." I said.

'thanks mate!" Harry exclaimed 

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