My older brother Liam

Liam Payne has a secret older sister. Not Ruth, not Nicola, but Naomi. She's about a year older than him and let's say they are complete opposites. Liam and Naomi Do NOT get along at all, but what happens when Liam and Naomi meet up. While he's with his band mates.



Louis's pov

*ring ring* it was Darbi I answered.

"Hello." I said.

"Hey," she said, seriously, "Put me on speaker... I have some news..." 

"Oh no... This sounds bad!" I thought to myself.

I put her on speaker.

Everyone gathered around my phone.

"PARTY TIME!!!!" I heard Naomi scream.

I screamed like a little girl with happiness while everyone was so confused.

its an inside joke Naomi and I have. I'll save this for another chapter.

"Uhhh, what does this mean?" Niall said.

"Duuuhh!" I started, "NAOMI'S COMING ON TOUR!!!!" 

"AGHHHHHH!!!" Emma screamed "their coming back."

everyone was so happy, except Harry... He had this guilty look on his face.

I wonder what that's about... 

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