My older brother Liam

Liam Payne has a secret older sister. Not Ruth, not Nicola, but Naomi. She's about a year older than him and let's say they are complete opposites. Liam and Naomi Do NOT get along at all, but what happens when Liam and Naomi meet up. While he's with his band mates.


43. Meeting you again

Zayn's pov

this is horrible! Darbi's back... And I have something to tell her.

*knock knock knock* 

"Hey babe" she said while leaning in for a kiss. How Iwanted to kiss her but I couldn't.

"stop" I said.

"Why?" She asked looking a little hurt.

"We can't be together." I said.

"Oh... Okay, but why?" She asked with tears falling from her beautiful eyes.

 She wiped them and said, "Im sorry, I must get going. Wait, just please tell me why 

and be honest!" 

"When you were gone I got really sad, so I went to the club... And I saw..."I started.

"Perrie," we said at the same time, "wells thanks for your honesty but I gotta go." She said  

"Wait, there's more. So we talked and when I was with her it felt amazing, like all the things we've done in the past to each other was gone! So, I brought her home and we 

did things... And we had a great night, so she left and asked me for a date next week.

i said sure. So we went on the date and I brought her home again. But she said she couldn't 

do anything, so I asked why. She said she went to the store and bought a pregnancy test 

and it said - so she wasn't pregnant but her stomach was getting bigger and she was 

getting sicker, so she went to the doctors and found out she was pregnant and I'm the dad.

i can't just leave her while she's pregnant. She is not just some one night stand she was

my first love!" I said.

"Well, thanks for leading me on!" She said.

"You left!" I screamed, "And I am NOT gonna leave her for you especially with MY BABY 

inside her stomach!" 

"You know what Zayn your a liar and a two timer." She screamed.

"We were never even dating!" I yelled right back at her.

"Well, if that's how you feel." She said, and she ran to her room crying.

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