My older brother Liam

Liam Payne has a secret older sister. Not Ruth, not Nicola, but Naomi. She's about a year older than him and let's say they are complete opposites. Liam and Naomi Do NOT get along at all, but what happens when Liam and Naomi meet up. While he's with his band mates.


30. Another side

"IM GONNA KILL HIM!" Liam screamed.

"Calm down Li," I said while sniffling, "Look we're here, so calm down for mom and dad. Okay?" I said.

"Okay." Liam said. We walked inside.

"LIAM!!!" Mom screamed.

"And Naomi," Liam said.

"Right..." Mom replied.

"How's my super star?" Mom asked. Of course.

"Im good, you know Naomi just got a great job offering," Liam started.

"That's great," mom said clearly not caring at all, "So Liam how are your friends?" 

"Good, Naomi and I just came from the house with the boys." Liam said

"Great! So, Liam did you have fun?"  Mom asked.

"I did, and Naomi- " Liam started, but mom cut him off, "The center of attention is always on Naomi,so how is my little star?" 

"you know what Karen! I don't want to talk about me! And the center of attention is NEVER on Naomi, it always comes back to me, so you better start remembering your child, because you seem to always forget she's here! So WE are leaving, and if you can't except YOUR daughter, Then WE will leave!" Liam screamed.

we walked out together.

"Thank you Liam," I said while hugging him.

"Your welcome Naomi!" He replied.

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