You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


1. Your Bromance?


                                                       *Harry's POV*


       "Welcome One Direction", the interviewer said. The curtain in front of us dropped and I saw a large audience around the stage. We waved as we walked over to the couch. We sat down in order, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, then me. 

     "Wow boys you lighten up the crowd", James, the interviewer said. (This is fictional, not real ok). I smiled and folded my hands together in my lap. 

   "Okay so we have some questions here, first one. If you were a girl which band member would you date", he asked. My eyes quickly fell on Louis and he was looking at me too, we chuckled a bit and the boys looked at us.

  "I would date Liam because he'd treat his girl right", Niall said and smiled.

  "I would date Harry because he would be fun to hang out with", Liam said and smiled over at me.

  "I would date Louis because we're best mates and we would get on well", I said and jokingly sent a wink to him. 

  "I would date Harry because...he's great in bed", Louis said and we all burst out laughing.

     "What about you Zayn", James asked.

   "I wouldn't date any of you cause none of you chose me", he said and looked down with a sad face.

  "I'd cheat on Harry for you Zayn", Liam said and they hugged.

    "Next one, what are your bromance names and which one is your favorite", he asked.

   "Um we have Zouis, Ziall, Ziam, Zarry, Lilo, Nouis, Narry, Niam, and many more", Liam said.

   "Favorites", James asked. We all leaned in and whispered for a while.

    "Larry", Louis and I whispered at the same time. 

    "Narry", Niall said and we disagreed. We came out of our little huddle and smiled.

   "Zouis", we said and smiled. I bit my lip a bit at the thought of Zayn and Louis, I shook it off and concentrated on the interview.

    "Well I've heard of someone called Larry Stylinson. Who is that", he asked.

   "Our friend", Niall said and the audience laughed.

  "Um the fans call me and Louis Larry Stylinson because we get on real well", I said and smiled. 

    "Yeah", Louis said and leaned towards me a bit. My arm was on the couch head so I slowly lowered it onto Lou's arm. He looked at me and smiled as I played with the hem of his sleeve. 

    "So how's the relationship then boys", James asked curiously.

   "Actually I'm their spokesperson, they don't want to talk about it", Liam said and gave us a look then his eyes went to the audience. I looked over and saw Grant from management, he hates when we talk about our bromance. 

     "We'll that was One Direction everybody", James said and we got up. We shook his hand one by one then waved to the audience as we walked backstage. 

  "That was fun boys", Zayn said as we drank our water. I put my water bottle down and heard Grant mumbling as he walked towards us. Louis rolled his eyes and I bit my lip nervously.

  "You think no one noticed you two? You aren't gay so don't act like it! This is why your fans think Larry is real, it looks like you two have a thing", he yelled at us.

  "Calm down Grant they were just playing around", Niall said and shrugged.

  "Yeah Grant, everyone knows I have a girlfriend", Louis said with attitude. I sighed and put on a smile.

  "It was just a joke", I say and Louis looked at me for a bit then nodded.

  "Well it needs to stop, now", Grant said then took out his phone. I closed my eyes for a bit then opened them to see Louis on his phone too, Eleanor.

  "C'mon Louis we should get going", I said and he put his phone in his pocket. 

    "Actually Harry I'm going out with El today so, I'll just meet you later yeah", he asked.

  "It's your date, don't ask me for permission", I said and started walking out.

   "Harry can I ride with you", Liam asked. 

    "Sure", I said and gave him a smile

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