You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


6. The Concert

                                                      *Harry's POV*

  We reached our hotel and picked out rooms. It was Zayn, Niall and me then Liam and Louis. We picked out our beds and unpacked. I took out my notebook and sat down on the window sill, I looked out to the dark sky as I wrote down my lyrics.

   'Don't let me go

'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone', I wrote my last lyric and looked up to see the boys looking at me.

  "What", I asked.

   "Wanna show us what your writing", Niall asked.

   "You'll see at the concert", I said and they looked at me confused.

    "Just wait", I said and walked over to my bed.

   "Um okay", Zayn said as he turned the light off. I laid down and looked at the ceiling for a bit, I hope tomorrow goes well. I flipped to my side and pulled the covers up, my eyes closed and I slowly fell asleep.


  I woke up to my phone ringing, I opened my eyes and picked it up without looking.

   "Harry how are you", Grant's voice asked.

   "Good", I said in my morning voice.

   "So today after the concert go to Starbucks. You'll meet Taylor there, don't tell the boys", he said and hung up. I turned my phone off and rubbed my eyes, they adjusted to the light and I got up. I went to my clothes and picked out a navy blue shirt with black skinny jeans, I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After the shower I dried off and put on my clothes, I brushed my hair then jelled it up. My eyes looked better, they were just a shade of pink now. I can say I couldn't sleep or something, I took my old clothes and dropped them in the laundry basket. I walked out and got my cologne, I sprayed it on and saw the boys were still sleeping. I wrote a note and slipped out of the room. I called for a taxi and a blue one stopped.

   "Where", he asked. I gave him the address to our concert location and it took about 15 minutes to get there. I gave him some money and got out of the cab. I walked in backstage and the crew smiled at me, I have them little smiles back as I walked to the music group.

   "Did you guys prepare for it", I asked as I reached them.

   "Yeah, give the tune a listen", Josh our drummer said. I stood back and watched them play the piano, guitar, and drums. I hummed along and smiled a bit, it's actually coming along pretty well.



                                                        *Liam's POV*

   Everyone was dressed and in the hallway except Zayn and Harry. I looked at everyone's dress choice and it was appropriate. Niall had a black tank top on with grey jeans, Louis had a blue button up half sleeve shirt with denim skinnies, and I had a red shirt on with khakis. Zayn came out in a white shirt and black pants, he had a note in his hand.  

  "Harry's already there. He said it was something important", Zayn said and handed me the note. I put it in my pocket and we headed out. Our limo arrived and we got in.

   "Ready boys", Niall asked.

   "Yup", we replied and smiled.



                                                    *Harry's POV*

      "Harry", Liam called from behind me. I looked back and gave him a smile.

     "Why are you here early", he asked.

      "Just needed to check something", I lied and he nodded.

     "Well the crowds starting to enter", Niall said and smiled.

    "Can't wait", Zayn said. I looked over at Louis and our eyes met for a split second before we looked away. We put on our ear sets then grabbed out microphones.

     "Directioners are you ready. Please welcome ONE DIRECTION", the announced said. We all got under our little squares and they lifted up a bit. Liam  jumped up first and started  singing.

  "Hey girl I'm waiting on ya I'm waiting on ya c'mon and let me sneak you out. And have a celebration les have a celebration the music up and windows down", he sang as the crowd screamed. Zayn jumped up next and smiled.

  "Yeah we'll keep doing what we do. Just pretending that we're cool and we know it too, Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do, Just pretending that we're cool, so tonight", he sang. Niall, Louis and I jumped up and walked to our spots. We sang the song and touched the fan's hands in some places. We did our little boat dance in the middle and in the end. When we finished the backstage crew brought up a couch for us to sit on.

    "Alright how are you Los Angeles", Liam asked. The crowd screamed as the boys sat down.

   "C'mon Harry", Niall said.

   "Actually I have something planned for you guys and the fans", I said nervously. The fans got a bit quiet and I looked back to Josh. The band started playing and I took in a deep breath as I stepped forward.

   "Now you were standing there right in front of me, I hold on, it's getting harder to breathe. All of a sudden these lights are blinding me, I never noticed how bright they would be. I saw in the corner there is a photograph, No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you. It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass. This bed was never made for two, I'll keep my eyes wide open, I'll keep my arms wide open. Don't let me. Don't let me. Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me. Don't let me go. 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone", I sang. The fans were quiet as the heard me, some of them had tears in their eyes. My eyes were watery too but I tried not to cry.

    "I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star, I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand, oh. Seems like these days I watch you from afar. Just trying to make you understand, I'll keep my eyes wide open, yeah. Don't let me. Don't let me. Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me. Don't let me go. Don't let me. Don't let me. Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me. Don't let me. Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me. Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone", I sang shakily as the tears ran down my cheeks. The fans cheered as the music ended and the boys, all except Louis attacked me with a hug. After they pulled away I wiped away my eyes and looked over at Louis who was also crying. The boys hugged him and I put on a smile for the fans.

  "Who was that for", someone yelled.

   "It was uh...just a song", I said and bit my lip.

  "It was great, right guys", Liam asked. The crowd cheered and I bowed, Zayn climbed on my back as I was getting up so I fell with him on top of me.

   "Your fat", I yelled into the mic.

  "Didn't think that last night", Niall joked. My eyes widened for a bit and I burst out laughing. The fans cheered and started laughing with us and a minute later I felt Zayn being pulled off of me. I looked up and saw Louis taking him to the back of the stage, they were arguing. I sighed and put my hands on the floor. Something blocked the light and I looked up to see Louis with his hand out. I gave him a light smile as I took his hand, he nodded and pulled me up.

  "Aww Larry larry larry larry", the fans chanted. I quickly took my hand out of Louis' and stepped away from him. Liam noticed so he asked which song we should play next.

   The concert ended fairly quickly and now it was time to meet Taylor. I called Grant and he gave me the restaurant where I needed to see her.







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