You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


5. LA & A Nightmare

                                                 *Liam's POV* (yay)

   I put my bags in the van and walked back into the house.

    "Niall, Zayn", I called. They came with their bags and I nervously looked at them, I had told the everything yesterday and they were very accepting.

   "We need to get them in the plane without a fight", I said and they nodded.

  "I got Louis", Zayn said.

    "I got Harry", Niall said and they headed separate ways. My phone buzzed and I face palmed.

  "And I got Grant", I said and walked out as I talked to him



                                                           *Zayn's POV*

  I knocked on Louis' door and it creaked open. I walked in and saw Louis sitting on his bed crying his eyes out.

    "Louis don't cry", I said as I walked over to him.

    "Why shouldn't I, he broke my heart", he whispered.

    "Bebz you always have me", I joked. He smiled lightly and I picked up his blue bag.

   "C'mon we need to go", I said and he got up slowly.

    "Lets go", he mumbled and I put my arm around his shoulder as we walked out. Liam looked at me and I smiled proudly. Hopefully Niall gets Harry out quickly.



                                                            *Niall's POV*

      I opened Harry's door and smiled, it slowly faded as I saw him sitting on his chair by the window. Tear stains were covering his cheeks and his eyes were beet red.

     "Harry", I asked. He turned around slowly and sighed.

    "Yeah", he mumbled.

     "It's time", I said and he put his head in his hands. He's been in here all night and this morning, same with Louis. They refused to come out of their rooms.

    "What's wrong", I asked, good going Niall ask the most obvious question.

   "I don't want to go, I don't want a girlfriend, and I don't want to see Lou broken", he said between sobs.

   "Harry, don't worry", that was all I could say to him. I honestly didn't know what would happen.

  "Lets go", he said and got up. He wiped away his eyes but it didn't change anything. You could see the red and you could tell he'd been crying.

    "C'mon mate you don't want Louis to see you crying", I said as I picked up his red bag.

   "It wouldn't matter now", he said as we walked out.

    "Just...don't think about it", I said and rubbed his back for comfort. We got to the van and saw the boys inside. Liam was in the front, Zayn and Louis in the back. We slipped in and sat opposite from them. I gave Louis a smile and he looked away. Zayn stepped on my foot and I glared at him. His eyes went to Harry and I looked over to see him with his notebook out.  He never took that anywhere, unless he had a song in mind. He'd write that in there, or he'd write down his feelings. He closed it for now and the driver started driving away. I hope this ends soon.



                                                     *Harry's POV*

   "Harry", Zayn called and shook my a bit. I opened my eyes to see we were at the airport, I guess my sleep caught up to me. After all, I've been awake all night. I have him a nod and stepped out of the van. I picked up my bags and we headed inside, the paparazzi were everywhere. Can we just get a break, I looked over at Louis and he was looking down. I sighed and kept walking with my head down.

   "Harry what's wrong", one of the paps asked. I looked at him and he flashed the camera right in my face.

   "Leave him alone", Zayn said and pulled me towards the door faster.

   "What's wrong Louis, sad to leave Eleanor", someone asked.

    "He's probably sad that Harry rejected him", someone else said. I balled my fists and Louis just looked down.

    "Leave him", I yelled angrily.

  "Harry", Zayn said and pulled me into the airport. Louis looked at me then Liam pulled him away too. Niall closed the door after us then went to Louis.

   "Lets go to check in", Liam said and led the way to the desk.

    "Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik", he said as he handed in our passports. The girl nodded and smiled at us.

   "You know I'm a big fan", she said as she scanned our passports.

    "That's awesome", Niall said with a smile. I looked down and waited for this to be over.

     "Gate 5", she said and gave us our passports back. Liam gave her a smile and we started walking to our gate. Liam gave our tickets to the guy at the door and he took our bags into another door. We walked inside of the little tunnel and climbed the stairs to the plane. The girl checked out tickets then gave us our seats. We were in the middle row of Business Class. I kept my backpack with me and sat by the window, the seats were five in a row so we fit. It was me, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis. The flight attendant started talking about ten minutes after everyone had settled in.

   "Please keep your electronics off for the take off and remain seated. After the take off you are free to roam around and use your electronics", she said then hung up. We fastened our seat belts and the plane started going. I looked out of the window to see the grey sky. The plane took off and I took out my little notebook and my phone. I plugged in my earphones and shuffled through my songs.

Lego House by Ed Sheeran came on and I popped my pen. I flipped to a blank page in my book and started writing.

  'Now you are standing there right in front of me,

     I hold on it's getting harder to breathe.

    All of a sudden these lights are blinding me,

     I never noticed how blind they would be', I wrote. I put the pen to my lips as I thought of more lyrics.



                                                        *Louis' POV*

  I looked looked over to Niall and he was sleeping with the chair leaned back. I saw Zayn talking to Liam and my eyes fell on Harry who was writing something, he stopped and looked down with his eyebrows down. He was thinking about something, his eyes slowly closed then opened again. He closed them again and the pen fell out of his hand slowly. Liam took it and closed the book before reading it. He put it in Harry's bag then zipped it up. I leaned back and pulled up the warm blanket. Before I knew it I was sleeping. The black in front of my eyes turned to gray. I saw Harry sitting in the corner crying, then I saw me. I walked into the house and saw him crying on the floor.

    'Whats wrong', I asked.

   'Im sorry', he said as he got up and hugged me.

    'For what', I asked.

   'This', he said and showed me his wrist. It was slit down the vein.

   'Harry no, don't leave me please', I begged as he fell to the floor. He smiled a bit and kissed my hand as I kneeled next to him.

    'Its..for the band...I-I love you', he said and closed his eyes.

   "Louis", someone called.  The grey turned to black again and something shook me.

    "Louis", it called again. I opened my eyes to see Niall waking me up, I quickly got up and looked around for Harry. He was walking down the isle with Liam behind him.

    "Lets go we're here", Niall said. Zayn walked in from of me and Niall behind me. Thank god it was just a dream.

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