You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


4. Heart Breaker

                                                             *Louis’ POV*

  I sat in my room with tears running down my face, I wiped them away but new ones replaced them. 

  "Why am I even crying", I said between sobs. There was a knock on the door then a creak. 

   "Uh Louis", the husky voice asked.

    "Yeah Harry", I said and quickly wiped away my tears. I didn't look at him, I just looked down at my lap. 

   "I know you were crying, there's no point of hiding it", he said softly. I looked up to see him standing by my bed, he sat down next to me and I nervously bit my lip.

   "Grant told me what happened", he said as he looked at me. 

  "H-He did", I asked with shock. 

  "Yeah, he asked me the same thing", he said and I mentally groaned.

   "I'm so sorry. I didn't know I liked you, I actually just thought we were friends until Grant actually asked me the question. I know your probably not even close to having the same feelings as me and your probably mad at me or pissed for liking y-", I was cut off by Harry slamming his lips on to mine. 



                                                     *Harry's POV* 

   He rambled on and on but I couldn't help watch his lips as he talked. I looked in his eyes and got tired of listening to his apology's, I put my hand around his neck and crashed my lips on his. He was a bit hesitant at first but he slowly started kissing back. He clutched my shirt in his hands and pulled me closer. I could kiss his lips forever, my eyes widened as I realized what was going on. I quickly put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. He looked at me with shock and sadness. 

   "What was that", he asked and got up. 

    "That wasn't supposed to happen. None of this was supposed to happen", I said as I got up after him.

   "I thought that meant something", Louis said with water filled eyes. I shouldn't and I can't but I have to do this, for the band. I closed my eyes for a moment then opened them to see Louis waiting for an answer. I took in a deep breath and mentally said sorry.

  "Haha as if that would mean anything to me", I said and chuckled bitterly.

    "Don't lie to me Harry", he said as tears slipped out of his eyes.  

   "I'm not. I can't believe you thought it was real. I would never fall for a gay boy", I said and laughed. 

   "I can't fucking believe you. I thought we were friends", he said weakly. 

   "We were until you wanted more", I scoffed and turned my back to him. I closed my eyes, forcing the tears to go back. 

  "Bye Louis. By the way Liam's moving with me so pack your things", I said and opened the door.

    "I hate you", he said and I laughed.

    "If you hate me why did you fall for me", I asked as I let the door close. I let out a shaky breath and started walking away, I can't cry he'll notice it was a lie. I heard the door open from behind me so I quickened my pace.

   "Because I was stupid enough to think you would love me", he yelled. His voice cracked at the end and I turned around to see his puffy eyes, he looked at me then slammed the door shut. I looked down and let the tears fall out of my eyes. I ran down the hallway and past the boys who looked at me with confusion and worry. I ran out of the house and someone turned me around, I looked back to see Liam. 

  "What's wrong mate", he asked worriedly.

    "I..I did what they told me to and-and now he's broken", I said between sobs. 

   "Why did you do it", he asked and pulled me into a hug. I collapsed on his chest and cried with all I had. 

    "I-I did it for th-the band. They said that w-we would have to b-break up if I didn't do it",  cried. 

  "Calm down please. We have a concert in LA soon. We can't have you two fighting there", he said softly. I hiccuped as I pulled myself away from his chest. 

  "That's where I meet Taylor", I said and wiped away my tears. 

   "Don't worry Hazz it'll be okay. You know what they say, if you love someone let them go and if they love you too then they'll come back", he said and I lightly smiled. 

   "Lets go now", he said and walked toward the door. 

  "Actually I'm gonna go out for a drive", I said and he smiled. 

   "Don't be out too long", he said before he went inside. I sighed and got in my car, I started it and pulled out of the driveway. 




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