You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


7. Girlfriend & A Bit Of Love Hate

                                                         *Louis' POV*

    We drove back to the hotel after the concert and I showered in Niall's room because his bathroom was bigger. I walked out with a towel wrapped loosely around my hips. I walked into the room and saw Harry talking to Liam, our eyes met for a second and his jaw slightly dropped. I rolled my eyes and walked to the closet, I picked out a white shirt and grey sweats. I put on the shirt and walked back to the bathroom to put on my sweats. I looked at Harry again and saw he was wearing a light brown coat with a blue shirt and black skinnies. I closed the bathroom door and put on my sweats, I slightly opened the door to hear Harry talking.

    "I'm gonna go see her", he huffed, "I'll be back later". Who was he going to see? I stepped out fully clothed and put my towel in the laundry basket, I glanced over at him and sat down on a random bed.

  "Bye", he said and I heard the door close. I laid my head back on the dashboard and closed my eyes.


                                                 *Harry's POV*

    I walked into a small restaurant/shop next to Starbucks and saw Taylor sitting in the open area. I smiled and walked towards her, I sat down across from her and put my hands on the table.

   "Hey", I said nervously and her eyes shot to the left. I looked over and saw some paps, really?

  "We need to act normal, we can talk about the management stuff later", she whispered with a smile. I nodded also smiling and the waiter came over, we ordered our dinner and talked while w waited.

  "So you know why management is putting us together", I whispered.

  "They said you had a thing for me, also we have lots of upcoming tours and albums in common", she said and the food arrived. Oh so she doesn't know about Louis, or any of that. I sighed a bit relieved and took a bite of my pasta.

   "When will the paparazzi go away", I asked as I put my hand on hers.

  "I don't really know. It gets annoying", she said and held onto my hand. I looked into her eyes and put on a smile, it looks like she really feels something. This is so wrong. After we finished dinner we got up hand in hand and I dropped her off at her car. I sealed the date with a kiss on the cheek and she blushed.

   "I'll see you tomorrow Harry", she said as she slipped into her car.

   "You bet", I said and winked before calling a taxi.

   "Harry you don't have a ride", she asked. I shook my head and she opened the door to me, I smiled lightly and got in.

  "Thanks", I said as the car drove off.

  "No problem", she said and smiled.

  "So about the management", I started nervously.

  "Yeah, they say we should be together for a while but I think we can make it work for real", she said.

   "Exactly what I was thinking", I faked excitement.

  "That's awesome", she said and we laughed. The car stopped and I opened the door to see the hotel. Paps probably followed us and I need to make this real, what do I do? Taylor got out of the car after me and we talked for a while.

  "I should get going", she said and I smiled. I cupped her cheek and planted a short kiss on her red lips.

  "Bye", I said and waved as she walked back to the car. Well today went well...not. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out to see Grant's ID.

  "Congrats on the girlfriend Harry, you are really puling it off. Remember its for the best, I'll update you tomorrow", he said and hung up. I sighed and walked into the hotel, I opened the door to my shared room and saw the lights were off. I didn't want to disturb the boys so I stripped down to my boxers and laid down on my bed, it was so dark I could hardly see where the blanket was. I found it and pulled it up to my shoulders, I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep. I felt someone turning on my bed and put their arm around my waist, if only this was real.


                                                    *Louis' POV*

     I woke up to someone's arm wrapped tightly around me, I opened my eyes to see Harry. I smiled and kissed his shoulder, I closed my eyes again and then reality struck. I'm in bed with Harry! I quickly sat up and looked around, so this was his bed? No one told me...or woke me up. I groaned and Harry slowly got up.

   "What are you doing here", he asked a bit confused. Oh his raspy morning voice, the one I use to wake up to everyday.

   "I can ask you the same", I said and crossed my arms over the blanket.

   "Um this is my bed so...", he said a bit more awake.

   "I don't know", I said and was about to get up but he pulled me back down. He crawled on top of me and put his hands on either side of my body.

  "Now tell me", he said and I looked up at him nervously.

   "Let me go Harry, I hate you", I whisper yelled, I didn't want to wake up the boys.

  "You don't mean that", he said and lowered himself a bit. I looked at him in pure disgust and horror.

  "I...I wish I did", I mumbled and he sighed. He rolled off of me and I got up.

   "You're leaving so soon", he asked sarcastically.

  "Bye Harry", I simply said and walked out of his room.

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