amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


5. will zayn be mad

after danny asked me out i was speechless, he took my hand in both of his, i was truly flattered

"gosh, i don't know what to say, i mean, my boyfriend zayn would be furious" i stop, unsure of what else to say

"but you will never see him again, youre with us now nikki" the way he said my name and the way he looked at me just made me like him more

"ok, i will, ill be your girlfriend" his smile grows and he kisses me on the lips

"oh, by the way, i put my number in your phone" i look through my contacts to see danny and his number

"wow, that is very nice, why don't you go through my notes now"

"you have notes, when i get the chance i will read them" he pulls me close in a warm hug, it feels so good, i text zayn that im sorry and will never see him again and im not his girlfriend anymore

"you just said that, he will be pissed, that's what i know" danny laughs

"i know, now there is no reason to come for me, i have a new boyfriend and i don't love him anymore" danny picks me up in a hug and spins for a long time

"i love you" he says

"i love you too, i always will" he smiles his fantastic smile and kisses me again

when we walk out of my room hand in hand chris and tyler stare at us

"she is my new girlfriend" danny says before i could

"yay" tyler yells and runs up to us and gives us a big group hug, chris joins in and they lift me and danny off of the ground

"whoa guys, don't hurt yourselves" danny says slapping chris behind him

"ouch, danny stop that" chris whines

"then put us down" danny argues, he is awesome

"never" tyler yells, i slap him and he drops me

"what, he dropped you but i got stuck with chris, he is tougher than he looks" danny says trying to get down, tyler comes to help chris, i just stand there and laugh as my boyfriend is carried off to his room for the night

"time for time out" chris says, leading the way to the room across from mine

"what, nikki" he looks at me for support, i laugh and jog after them

"guys, time out for ten minutes" danny looks shocked at me and is locked in the room

"what, let me out" he says banging on the door, the three of us in the hall laughing

"ten minute time out" chris repeats collapsing to the ground because he was laughing so hard

"why, what did i do" he asks

"you stole my girlfriend" a familiar voice says, i immediately turn to see zayn standing there, in the door way to my room

"zayn, what are you....." i say backing away from him

"coming for you" he walks over to me but tyler and chris block him

"she wants to stay here, she doesn't love you anymore" chris backs me up, he just looks at me, "so get out of my house, now" chris finishes, zayn just backs away and opens the door to my room, the lads come in, tackling chris and tyler, they tell me to go in the room with danny but louis grabs me before i unlock the door

"louis put me down now" i elbow him in the side and he drops me, i run to the door and unlock it

"no you don't" zayn grabs me arm and drags me away from the door

"danny" i yell, danny runs out and grabs my other arm and pulls me away from zayn, i fall in his arms and kiss him

"come on" he says pulling me into the room, i grab tyler and chris and run in there and lock the door

"we're safe, for now" tyler says with his hand over the right side of his forehead

"are you ok" i ask him and sit down next to him in the back corner

"yeah, just a scratch" i pull his hand away from his head and i gasp

"oh my gosh, we need medicine" i say not looking away from his head

"we cant get to the kitchen until they leave" chris says pacing in front of the door

"when do you think they will leave" danny asks kneeling down next to me, tyler is sitting down leaning up against the wall, he flinches every time we just barely touch it, his eyes showing massive pain

"nikki, can i talk to you, i promise i wont try to take you or hurt you" i hear zayns voice through the door

"yeah, be out in a minute" i say and danny grabs my arm intensely

"no, he will hurt you, don't" danny says looking concerned with my decision

"zayn never breaks his promises, trust me, i know him well enough", he gives in and lets me go out, i unlock the door and slide out, closing the door behind me

"ok, so what" i cross my arms and look at zayn

"why are you doing this to me, i thought we would be together forever" he walks over to me and puts his hands on my shoulders

"its for the best zayn, if you are having problems with the band you need to fix them, and you cant when im around, and you know that better than i do" i turn and walk past him, he follows me into the kitchen, i grab the medicine

"but why now, didn't they kidnap you" he says irritated

"no, and i chose to stay here because i felt bad for chris, he was my friend once, then he moved, his family was killed by the guys who kidnapped me, they forced him to work for them, and i still love you zayn, its just, i love danny and you have to concentrate on the band, i ripping up your friendship with the guys, and i cant stand it anymore" i start to walk past him

"now if you need to leave or im calling the cops" he walks out and the boys follow, i hear the van drive away as i walk back in the room with the medicine

"did they leave" danny asks and walks over to me

"yeah, they did" i walk over to tyler now on the bed and carefully apply the medicine, he flinches but relaxes after it settles in to the cut, i wipe away the blood that dripped and sit down next to him, i never took the time to notice how zayn reacted, i couldn't tell if he was mad, was he

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