amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


4. other friends

as i calm down about the whole andre thing the doorbell rings and chris tells me to wait here while he runs to the door, i hear voices and my name a lot, and chris walks back in my room and tells me to change, after i change into a purple tank top and knee length skirt i walk out to see two really cute blondes standing in the kitchen with chris

"hey nikki, this is tyler" he points to the one with green eyes, fit, and really hot one, "and his is danny" he points to the blue eyes one with mild acne and fit as well, they smile at me in a way that makes my stomach flip and my head fuzzy

"hi" i say quietly, a little shy and weary of them because of andre

"hey" they both say at the same time, there is and awkward silence til i hear my phone an run into my room to answer it

"hello" i say, hoping its not zayn

"hi, is this nikki" a strangely deep voice says

"yes" i say sitting on the bed

"hey, its harry, zayns friend, please tell me where you are, he is worried sick" i don't answer, i hang up and just sit there, playing with my skirt

"i think im gonna scream" i say quietly

"is everything ok" chris walks in

"yeah, it was harry, zayns friend, he said zayn is worried sick, and i don't know what to do" he looks at me

"hey, why don't you come out there and hang out with the guys, i promise they are not going to hurt you" chris puts his hand on my shoulder

"ok" i get up and start to walk out of the room, "oh, wait" i run back to my phone and turn it off so no one can call me again

"chris, where is the water" tyler walks in front of my room to talk to chris

"in the bottom of the fridge" chris says and walks out, i put my hair up in a pony tail and walk out and almost run into danny

"oh, sorry, i didn't see you" he says

"its ok, i wasn't watching either" i sneeze and he laughs

"sorry, i think its really cute when girls sneeze for some reason" he blushes slightly, i smile, which makes him blush even more

"and i think its really cute when a guy tries so hard to flirt, but ends up blushes instead" he laughs and shakes his head

"oh really" he says smiling, i swear he has the cutest smile i have ever seen

"yep, and when they cant think of anything else to say" he becomes speechless and blushes, i laugh and walk past him to the couch, he follows and sits across from me

"so what else do you like in a guy" he says, looking like he is going to regret it one way or another

"i like it when they can keep a good conversation with a girl and when they always car what i have to say, and comfort me when im sad, boyfriend or not" he smiles, "so, what do you like in a girl" i say and lye in a teasingly sexy way on the couch, with my head under my arm, my black socks starting to itch, i ignore it and look danny in the eyes

"well, i like it when girls can be themselves in front of me, and be silly and not feel judged, and when they ask if they look good, i want them not to argue when i say they look amazing, and can just, you know, not complain that they are fat when they aren't" i smile and he does too

"that's me, i like it when a guy compliments me, it just  gets annoying when they just say it all the time, you get what im saying" he nods

"yeah, im not the guy who says you are hot or you look great every time i see my girlfriend" he leans back in his chair

"haha, good, cause i hate that, and it always seems to bother me when i hear someone telling me that i shouldn't wear this and that, girls do that to me all the time, i guess because their boyfriends left them for me, but i denied them all, i have had countless boys ask me out, but i never said yes to one of them except for zayn malik, he seemed to understand me and appreciate me, but i will never see him again" i put my head on a pillow and stare at the ceiling

"you mean the guy from one direction with black hair" tyler walks in

"hey, don't listen to conversations that you are not involved in" he puts his hands up and sits on the couch next to this one

"sorry" he says and drinks more of his water

"i think that means go away" danny says, tyler makes a face and walks away

"so" i say clearly tired of this conversation

"so" chris says from the other room

"chris shut up" danny yells and i laugh

"can we go to a different room and talk" he asks

"sure, we can go to my room" he nods and follows me to my new room, the walls are steel blue and the bed is just three mattresses stacked on top of each other

"nice room" he says and i laugh

"yeah, there are very little clothes in here, but just enough so i can wash them every three to four days" he laughs and plops down on my mattresses

"oh this is a good mattress, it is so soft and plushy" he sinks down in it, i laugh and grab my phone and turn it on, i have six missed calls, i delete the voice mails and twenty text messages and block all of the guys' numbers

"yeah, that's how i felt the first time i laid on it, i still feel that way since my first time was yesterday" he laughs

"so how much money will zayn pay you to come back" danny says

"he will give me anything i want, he knows im avoiding him, im worried they will find us and hurt chris" i sit on the bed next to him, as i look at danny, he resembles cody Simpson

"don't worry, they wont" he sits up and puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls me to him, his body heat feels good against my cold skin, his t shirt is black and im guessing he was out in the hot sun, but his hand feels oddly comforting on my shoulder, the pain in my stomach returns but i ignore it as much as possible

"i guess your right, but what if they can track my cell phone" i say holding up my droid

"i can turn the tracker off if its on" i hand him my phone

"how do you know how to turn it off" i ask as he goes to the settings and goes to tracking

"i used to have a phone like this, and i turned it off on mine too" i feel pretty stupid right now, his arm still around me i watch him turn off the tracking and hand it back to me

"now what phone do you have" he pulls out an i phone 5

"this garbage, i cracked it already and i have had it for only two weeks" he smiles at me

"hey, can i ask you a question" he says taking his arm away from me, i feel sad but know that i cant stay there forever

"of course" i turn to him and wait for his question

"i know that we just met, but will you be my girlfriend

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