amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


1. kidnapped

I roll over on my side to see my wonderful boyfriend zayn Malik from one direction lying next to me in the bed, he is practically naked except for pajama pants, his warm skin on my cold skin, his beautiful brown eyes flutter open and look at me

"are you ok" he asks putting his hand on my cheek

"yeah, im fine"

I didn't really know if I was fine or not, but I didn't want him to worry, I had kept waking up all night, and every time I go back to sleep I have nightmare about being taken away from zayn

"you sure, I woke up a couple times to you tossing and turning, have you been having those nightmares again" he sits up so he can look down at me, I give in and cry

"yeah, they came back, I cant lose you again, I wont" I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tight, he hugs me with the arm not holding him up, his lips brush my neck, he strokes my long brown hair and kisses my neck

"don't worry, I wont let anyone get you, and if they do, I will find you again I promise" I pull away from him enough to still have grip on him and to be able to see his face

"really" I look at him and he wipes away a tear that fell from my eye

"yeah, I will die to protect you" he says strong

"no, I cant let you die for me, please" I say starting to cry again

"ok, but I will protect you as much as I can" I nod

"I love you zayn, I always will" a tear falls from his eye, I wipe it away and smile at him

"I love you too, and I want you to be mine forever and ever" he hugs me again and there is a knock at the door of our hotel room

"that's odd, its three in the morning" I say, zayn gets up cautiously and walks towards the door, I pull the bed cover up to my chin ready to hide if I need to

"who is it" he calls after he couldn't see anyone out of the peephole

when no one answers he opens the door slowly, someone pushes the door open on him so hard he flies back a few feet, I run over to him, he gets up and guards me with his body, I see a few scratches on his back from the fall

"give her to us zayn, its for your own good" a strange voice says, but apparently he knows them, or vise versa

"you will not touch her" he pushes me back and backs away with me, I almost trip over my baggy pajama pants, my tank top falls a little so I pull it up, im glad I still have my bra on, my socks start to get staticy on the carpet in the room, I back into the wall and zayns body pushes me back so im stuck

"you leave us no choice but to take her by force" I hear a gunshot and jump, and im afraid zayn will die trying to protect me

"no zayn, don't make them kill you, you promised" I wrap my arms around his waist

"you got a good girl there zayn, give her to us willingly and we wont hurt her" he pushes me harder into the wall

"you wont take her" he ignores what I said and prepares to fight until the end for me

"get him, ill get the girl" two of the guys behind him yank zayn away from me and push him to the ground, and since my arms were around him I fall onto my stomach right in front of the guy talking to zayn, he puts his foot on my back so I cant get up, I see zayn being beat and something explodes in me

"leave him alone" I do a backflip and kick the guy on top of me in the face, he falls to the ground as I get to my feet, I punch him and knock him senseless, so he is really dizzy

"nikki, no" zayn yells as one of the guys picks me up and throws me to the ground hard

"zayn" I say dizzily, I hear fighting but cant tell where its coming from, minutes later I feel someone pick me up and run outside with a garbage bag

"I got you" but then I fall to the ground and I see zayn lying on the ground bleeding

"no, let me go" I yell as two guys drag me to a van, I somehow got my high tops on and are trying to kick who ever is dragging me away from zayn, he tries to get up but is kicked back down, I get a piece of duck tape over my mouth and my hands are tied behind my back, I am thrown in the back of a van and fall asleep

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