amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


6. kid

after i gave my life to danny we went to the kitchen for something to eat

"hey, where have you two been" tyler says and makes me jump

"making progress" danny says putting his arm around me

"awe, how sweet" he says, walks over to us, and hugs us so tight i cant breathe

"tyler" danny says

"what, not tight enough" he squeezes us tighter and picks us up

"too tight" i manage, he drops us and  fall on my butt, danny lands on his feet, but loses his balance and falls on his back next to me

"i think i was better not breathing than hitting my head" tyler walks over to us, "not literally" he quickly says

"danget, i was just getting warmed up too" he walks away, i get up coughing

"i think he permanently hurt me" i hold a hand out for danny, he takes it and i pull him to his feet

"thanks" i nod and we walk into the kitchen, i sit between danny and tyler, danny goes to help chris with lunch so i mock tyler in what he says and does, it goes on for the next twenty minutes

"would you stop it" he snaps and starts laughing

"would you stop it" i say the same way he did

"oh my, would you help me" he complains and points to me

"oh my, would you help me" i say and point to him

"tyler stop doing stuff to make her mock you" chris says

"tyler stop doing stuff to make her mock you" danny says in a girly voice

i laugh and put my head down on the table

"danny" chris says and points to danny

"danny" danny says in a girly voice and points to me

"what did i do" i say completely in shock

"you started this" chris says to me

"you started this" tyler says to chris

"yo mama started this conversation" danny says, tyler and i laugh our heads off

"would you butt out" chris says giggling

"hey, this is my house" danny snaps back

"yeah, sure it is" chris says bringing over a plate of finger sandwiches

"ooh, yum" tyler says and danny brings over salsa and chips

"there is more" chris says and walks over to the fridge

"whats there more to have" i say

"potato salad" my mouth drops when chris brings out a bowl of potato salad and puts it on the table in front of me

"i take it you like potato salad then" danny says sitting next to me

"i love it" i take a huge spoonful and dump it on my plate

"whoa, be careful with that stuff" danny jokes

"you be careful with your property and i will be with mine" i say taking a bite of my salad of potatoes

"but, you are my property"

"don't remind me" tyler laughs so hard he falls out of his chair, danny and chris laugh too

"tyler are you ok" danny says

"dandy danny" i laugh as he fixes himself in his chair

"good" we eat in silence for a while, when i start to feel sick i excuse myself and go to my room

"what is happening to me" i say quietly and sit on my bed

"nikki, are you alright" danny asks from the hall

"im fine, just a stomach ache" i say, gripping my stomach

"can i come in" he asks

"please" he opens the door

"you look horrible, what happened" he closes the door and walks over to me

"i don't know" i say and bend over, still holding my stomach

"we need to get you to the hospital, now" he picks me up

"danny, whats wrong" he ignores them and runs me out to his car

"danny" tyler yells after he followed us out to the car

"she needs a hospital" chris and tyler get in the car too, danny speeds for the nearest hospital, i look out the window the entire time, realizing how beautiful this place is

"whats wrong with you nikki" tyler touches my shoulder

"nikki" i ignore them and keep staring blankly out the window

"were here" danny says, he gets out of the car and comes over to my side, he picks me up and carries me in, they take me back on a stretcher, they sedate me and im out

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