amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


2. he likes me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

"what should we do with the girl, she could easily get us all killed by the kid we beat up last night"

I hear a deep male voice say, I can tell im not in the van anymore, im in a bed, and the tape was removed from my mouth, but when I tried to struggle, I feel my hands still tied to something behind my back

"you can open your eyes now, we know you are awake" a different voice says, I open my eyes and look around the room

"maybe I just didn't want to see your ugly faces" even though I cant see their faces, they are standing a few feet away and the room is dark, all I can see is the outline of three bodies

"well aren't you rude" the third voice calls

"well im not usually, but since I was kidnapped recently I might as well make an exception" the three figures come out into slightly brighter light so I can se their faces, tow of them are in their thirties, and the other one not much older than me, maybe about seventeen or eighteen



"so who's gonna take her, you both agreed one of us would care for her til that zayn guy forgot all about her" the oldest one said

"ill take her, they will expect you to take her because you were involved in the kidnapping, I wasn't, so they wont expect it" the youngest one said

"that's not actually a bad idea" the middle aged one walks over to me, his hand pulls my hair hard

"if we let you go with the kid, you will behave, and its not a question" I nod and he lets go of my hair

"take her, go quickly out to the van, and blindfold her" the youngest one walks over to me, he takes the rope off of my wrists and leads me out of the room, I trip several times on my pants and shoes

"come on, stop messing around" he yells at me and jerks me forward

"im not trying stupid" I snap back, he only walks faster, I try to keep up so I don't fall on my face

he throws me into the back seat and blindfolds me

"where are we going" I say as he drives away

"none of your business" he is smarter than he looks, his tannish shaggy hair everywhere, from what I saw earlier, his steel blue eyes big and gorgeous, fit and strong, he is what every girl wants

"so did they make you do this" I ask and he jolts to a stop, we have ben driving for a good half hour

"no, I chose t do this because they are my family and..."he stops, the way he said it wasn't very convincing and I guess he thought so too

"really, that was no convincing" he yanks the blindfold off and I jump

"yes they forced e, you happy, come on" he pulls me out of the van and pulls me towards a huge flat

"is this yours" I ask In awe

"yes, it is, I live alone" he pulls me inside and locks the door

"then why don't you leave, start over, they cant force you to do this forever" I argue, he looks down to the floor and loosens his grip on my still bound arms

"im afraid they can, I don't have a choice" I look at him caringly

"w, have they done something to you" I say as he unties me

"they scarred me, so I cant start over" he pulls his shirt up to show a huge scar on his side to his middle stomach, I look at it and cover my mouth with my hands

"how did they do that to you" he pushes his shirt back down and leads me to a couch, he sits down on one, I sit across from him

"I was thirteen, they tried to kidnap my older sister Jessica, they killed my mom and dad in the process, they did this to me and decided I could be good help, and I swore on my life, that I would help them til death or release, so here I am now" I move to the chair right next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, I shouldn't care that much for a guy who helped kidnap me, but I feel so sorry for him

"that's terrible, im sorry" I see a tear fall down his cheek, he looks up at me

"you look so much like my sister, I guess that's one of the reasons I like you so much" he gets up and walks to another room which im guessing is the kitchen

"want a water" he yells back, the back of his shirt is ripped in several places and stained with blood

"sure"  don't want to bring up his back just yet

"here" he tosses it from the other room, I catch it ad he walks back over with a bottle for him

"thanks, can I ask you a serious question, about all of this" he sits on the couch closest to me so we are only two feet apart

"yeah, of course, oh, im Christian, but everyone calls me Chris" he chugs half of his water and looks back at me, "and your nikki, the guys told me"

"yeah, um, I know they took me for two reasons, but why did they take me away other than for zayns own good" his face drops as if he was hoping I wouldn't ask that, and I see his cheeks turn red

"because I love you, we used to go to the same school, but I guess you don't remember me" my heart pounds in my chest

"no, I remember now, it was back in Wyoming and we went to Fredrick middle school" I remember my old school, just before we moved here to new Hampshire

"yeah, I was the kid who always stared at you" he laughs of the memory

"but why did they kidnap me just for you to tell me you like me, I mean.." I stop, not knowing what else to say

"because I asked them too, they were going to anyway, but I asked for another reason" his face still looking down, looks sad and happy that im here

"im so confused" I say looking away from here

"I am too" he admits and looks up at me

"what time is it" I say yawning

"almost five, go get some rest, you can stay in the room at the very end of the hall" he points to the long hallway behind him

"ok, thanks chris" I say starting to get up

"welcome, oh, and nikki" he gets up after me and kisses me o the cheek, he walks away to a different room before I can say anything

I walk to my room in a daze, when I get in the rom it looks as if to be a girls room, so im guessing this used to be Jessica's, I look around the room, she had an I pad, an I pod, a flat screen TV on her wall, and a water bad, I lay on the bed and quickly fall asleep thinking of zayn and chris

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