amazing love

when nikki falls in love with zayn Malik, and zayn falls in love with her they are desperately trying to stay together, but with the band pulling them apart and nikki gets kidnapped zayn does everything he can to save her


3. dont hurt him

the sun shines bright in my window and i wake up, i smell something really good and roll off the bed

"oww" i lazily get up off the floor and sit on my new bed

"what am i going to do" i pull my knees up to my chest and burry my head in them

"nikki, are you ok" i hear chris from the hall

"yeah, i just rolled off the bed" i say lying back on the bed cover

"can i come in" he sound as tired as i feel

"yeah" i say and slump down even further in my plushy bed, he opens the door and walks over to me and sits down

"is everything ok, i mean between us, like you aren't going to kill me for helping kidnap you are you" he asks playfully

"of course not, im not an assassin kinda person" he slumps down next to me, copying my every move

"stop it" i say and smack him in the arm

"stop it" he says in the same tone and smacks me back

"can we go eat now, this has gone on for ten minutes already" he sits up and accidently falls forward off of the bed

"yes we can" he crawls out of the room

"wait up" i crawl after him, he laughs and goes even faster, i keep up with him until we get into the kitchen, he turns and grabs my feet still in crawling position

"pour the orange juice and get the bacon out of the microwave" he says looking up at me

"ok, anything else" i ask

"marry me" he says jokingly

"of course, anything for the guy who is holding me hostage" i smile and bow, he laughs and stands up

"now, im having some friends over later, so pretend you have no where else to go and i took you in, ok" he asks me washing his hands

"ok, i can do that, we actually are friends" i shrug and wash my hands as soon as he moves to attend to the pancakes

"yeah, can you cook" he asks pouring the pancake batter onto the pan on the stove little by little

"a little, you" i ask pulling out the orange juice and two glasses

"same here, and how many people do you remember from our school" he asks

"a few, why" i say back

"because they all remember you and i just wondered so you didn't have any new people to meet" he says flipping one of the pancakes

"why did you fix so much bacon" i say, there are about twenty pieces of bacon in the pan

my friends might want some" he says

"how many friends are you having over" i ask setting the bacon on a different plate

"three" he says

"wow" i say and walk over to the table

"how much stuff are you fixing" i ask brushing my hand through my long hair

"ten pancakes, eggs, the bacon, and toast, one of my friends is coming for breakfast"

"oh, when will he be here" i ask


"does that answer your question" he says walking to the door

"yes" i say taking a sip of my OJ

"Andre, whats up man" chris welcomes in a guy about his height, black hair, blue eyes, and fit

"nothing chris, good to see ya" he says and looks directly at me, i turn away and here my phone ring, i run to my room to pick it up

"hello" i say and walk back out to the kitchen

"nikki, where are you" i here zayns voice say

"zayn, are you ok" i refuse to answer his question

"im fine, now where are you, i need to find you" he sounds panicked

"i don't know where i am, but no one is going to hurt me, i will see you soon i promise" i hang up before he can say anything

"who was that nikki" chris asks as he brings a plate of pancakes over to the table

"zayn, i didn't tell him much" i say looking through my new text messages

"good, how long did you stay on the phone" andre asks and grabs three pancakes

"thirty seconds, why" i don't know why it would make a difference

"they didn't have time to track us, good" chris says

"how long does a conversation have to be" i ask sitting across from andre

"a minute" chris walks back over to the table with toast

"ok, so you two are geniuses at this since when" i ask sarcastically

"you better watch your mouth if you know whats good for you" andre says

"make me" he gets up and walks over to me, i stand up and back away

"say that again, i dare you" he comes so close to me i can feel his body heat

"i said make me" he knees me in the stomach hard, i fall to the ground hard

"your gonna wish you hadn't said that" his hand wraps around my throat and lifts me up off the ground

"leave her alone andre" chris pulls him away

"why" andre snaps as i fall to the ground again, i get up and run to my room, he runs after me

"get away from me" i say as he warps his arms around my waist, i manage to grab the door frame and hang on for my life, i try kicking him, but he wont let me go

"im not letting you get away that easy" he pulls me away from my room and throws me across the room

"andre, get out, now" chris pushes him towards the door

"or what, you gonna call the cops" andre snaps

"he said get out" i snap louder than he did, standing up i hold onto the wall for support

"now you are the big voice huh, well you are pretty pathetic, beautiful, but weak, ill tempered, and very childish" that word, childish, triggers something inside me, i get a flashback of my parents calling me childish for loving zayn, they beat him until he couldn't stand

"do not call me childish again" i stand up straight, not caring for the pain in my stomach

"childish little kids get mad like you do" he smirks, i run for him and push him into the wall so hard it dents the wall

"get out" i push him to the door, chris opens it and i push him out, he falls back and chris shuts the door and locks it, and i suddenly feel weak

"nikki, are you ok" chris catches me

"i don't know" he picks me up and carries me to my room, he gently sets me on the bed and pushes a strand of hair out of my face, his eyes are caring and beautiful

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