Broken Hearted

What happens when 18 year old Destiny Reynolds runs away from her abusive father and runs into no other then Liam Payne? Will he end up breaking her heart just like her father? Or will he change her life forever? Will her father hunt her down and hurt the ones she loves? Also what happens when another band member falls for Destiny? Read to find out!

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2. Jealousy

Destiny's POV:

It's been a couple days since the accident and Liam finding me in that alley. The doctor said that I did brake my ankle from jumping off the roof and running from dad. And that I was lucky that the bullet didn't hit any major artery in my body and that I needed a quick surgery to get the bullet out and stop the bleeding since I lost some blood.

So Liam and the lads stayed with me through the whole time to make sure I was okay. Before Liam took me, or should I say dragged/carried me to the doctor, I got to meet the other lads. They were really sweet and funny. Louis and Niall were screaming at each other about some carrot from earlier and threatening to stab each other with one. So that was kind of entertaining.

I laid in my bed resting from the surgery with Liam at my side and the black haired with a blond highlight streak in his hair named Zayn on the other side of my bed holding my hands.

"How are you feeling?" Liam whispered drawing small circles into my palm. I opened my eyes and stared into his beautiful brown eyes. As corny as it seems, I could stare into his eyes all day.

I gave him a weak smile as I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach. "Yeah. Just hurt a little but I'm fine." then turned to look at Zayn. "Thanks for staying Zayn. You didn't have to do that."

He smiled. "You're welcome and no problem." I noticed Liam giving him a look that said 'back off, she's mine'. What is going on? Why was Liam giving him the death glare? He didn't do anything wrong.

"Do you know when I can leave?" I asked not caring who answered.

"I'll go ask!" Zayn shot up and left the room to go ask the doctor. A great chance to ask Liam what his problem was.

"You okay Liam?" I asked squeezing his hand. He looked down at me and smiled.

"Yeah. Why?"

"You know why. Why did you give Zayn the death glare? He didn't do anything wrong you know." I said raising an eyebrow. He sighed and slid down his chair.

"It's nothing Destiny. I'm fine." He lied.

"You're lying. Tell me. What's wrong?" I  was starting to get irritated with him. Why won't he tell me?

"I don't know. It's just that when I heard you in that alley the other day I just felt very protective of you. And seeing Zayn looking at you and acted like that irritated me." He said looking me.

"Liam..." I warned. I had a feeling where this was going.

"No let me explain." He cut me off. "I know this is too early to say but I love you Destiny. I'm falling in love with you. Hard!"

Tears started to flow down both of our cheeks. "Really?" he nodded. "I love you Des. I really do."

"I love you too." I whispered. He slowly leaned towards me and laid his forehead against mine and closed the gap between us. His kiss was sweet and gentle. I could even explain how I felt as our lips moved together like they were made for each other. I moved one of my hands to the back of his neck and pulled him closer to me deepening the kiss. He pulled away before things could get heated.

"Wow..." we whispered at once then laughed.

"Will you go out with me then?" He whispered.

"Of course." I smiled. He leaned forward and gave me one last sweet kiss before settling back into his seat and intertwined his fingers with mine.

                         * * * *

Zayn's POV:

When I first saw Liam carrying Destiny in his arms after finding her shot in the alley I knew I had to make her mine. She was so beautiful. Her perfect brown curly hair was a mess but it was perfect and sexy. Her eyes were a bright green and sparkled in the sunlight. She was everything I was looking for.

"Do you know when I can leave?" Destiny asked as I held her hand in mine.

"I'll go ask!" I quickly shot up and left the room to go ask the doctor.

The doctor was at the nurses desk talking to one of the nurses.

"Excuse me doctor." I interrupted. The doctor stopped talking and turned to me.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, um, Destiny Smith was wondering when she was able to leave." I said scratching the back of my neck.

"Oh yes. Let me do a quick check up on her." He said that made his way to her room with me right behind him. When we got to the room I noticed Liam and Destiny snogging. My body tensed up in jealousy. They pulled apart but Liam leaned forward once again and pecked her small pink lips before settling back into his chair holding her hand.

The doctor knocked on the door getting their attentions. "Hello Miss. Smith. How are you feeling?"

I moved around him and sat in my chair next to the bed and glared at Liam ignoring what the doctor was saying.

"Well good news. You are aloud to leave. Everything looks great! Just take it easy for a couple days and come back if you start having troubles." The doctor shook our hands and left. I snapped out of it and helped Destiny get out of bed. Liam glared at me and I just smiled at him in response.

"Thanks." She said quietly to me. I nodded making sure she was steady on her feet before I let go of her arm.

All I thought at that moment was, "She's mine!"




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