Loving Life!!

Katie's Life Is Miserable But Will It Be Like That Forever?


1. Life Couldn't Get Worse!!!!

Katie's P.O.V



"KATIE, DO THE WASHING UP NOW!!!"  Leah, My Stepmother Exclaimed.

"But, I Am Watching TV" I Explained.

"Tough, Cause I Don't Care! Go And Do The Washing NOW!" Shouted Leah

"URRGGG" I Exclaimed But Did As I Was Told Cause If I Didn't Listen She Would Slap Me So Hard That Sometimes I Bleed.

Dad Doesn't Listen To Me Cause When Ever Dad's Around She Acts All Nice.

Dad's On A Trip To America For 2 Weeks And She Thinks She Can Treat Me Like A Slave!

I Keep On Thinking Of Running Away But Then My Dad Would Be Upset And Everything And I Don't Want It To Be Like That.


*** 2 Hours Later ***


I Have Been Thinking For The Past 2 Hours And Everything Is Sorted I Have Decided To Run Away Tomorrow At 4am When Everyone Would Be Sleeping I Would Seek Out And Run Away I Know This Is Not One OF My Best Ideas But Still I Have To Try Cause I Can't Be A Slave All My Life!






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