I never knew I was Niall's weakness.

How was this possible? We've been friends for like years, and now he's telling me he loves me? What if he'll ever know my past..


1. Cupcake time.

 ~ Marissa's P.o.v ~ 

 ~ Marissa's P.o.v ~ 

'Smaj, can you ask Loui to come here? I'm freezing!' Yup, Smaj, That's me. Hi, well, actually my name is Marissa but my sister, Alexandra always calls me like that. For such a long time I can't even remember when she started to call me like that. Anyways, back to the story. So. Alexandra asked me to call Loui. Shall we start over? 'Smaj, can you ask Loui to come here? I'm freezing!' Alexandra asked while, because she was ill, was laying in bed against Harry. 'yeah of course' I smiled and since we were on a boat I had to search all over the boat to find Louis. When I finally found him I asked him and he nodded, so together we walked back towards the living part. By the way, It was louis' boat and he invited me and my sister. Louis layed down by Harry and Alexandra. I walked to the fredigator to grab something to drink. 'Maj?' I heard Niall saying. Yup, he was also calling me like that. I turned around and looked into his very sea blue eyes. 'yeah?' I putted my jacket on and smiled, 'Wanna make cupcakes with me?' He asked while there were twinkles in his eyes. I frowned, I fucking love cupcakes. 'Niall, don't be so silly, of course I wanna make cupcakes with you, You can wake me up in the middle of the night for making cupcakes.' I giggled. Niall smiled and laughed soft. 'Awesome, here's an apron.' He threw the blue one to me. 'Thanks.' I said while I tried to put it on, it was harder then I thought, I mean you need to do so many things like * wraps with her arms in the sky * No joking , secretly I wanted Niall to help me. And he did. I saw Niall was already wearing his apron. 'Need some help?' He smiled. 'yeah kinda' I grins. I looked into his eyes and also saw his cute, irish smile. It was so adorable! I started to like him since a few weeks, I dunno why.. It just started by itself.. I never mentioned it to anyone and I tried to stop it, but acutally, I had no choice.. By the way, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Alexandra, Harry, Niall and I were best friends for like ages. Alexandra and Louis were a couple for almost like one year and a half. The boys and my sister always teased us that Niall and I were a couple, but whe tried to ignore it, I mean, Niall Is handsome, funny, cute, sweet, adorable.. Oh.. Do I need to stop? Well, you know what I mean. Niall don't like girls like me. Am I that special? No, I'm weird, I don't like myself, well.. Back to the story.. 'Alright, let me help you sweety.' He wrapped his arms around my body and pretended to settles it but instead of that he started to tickle. I hated that! I laughed so hard. 'OH MY GOD NIALL STOP, PLEASE STOP.' tears came in my eyes because of laughing. But of course he didn't stop. I screamed even louder. ‘Okay okay, I’ll give you a kiss’ I yelled and finally he stopped tickleling. I wipped some tears from my cheek. ‘Not not, First going to make Cupcakes.’ I said while swallowing. ‘u sure?’ Niall ask with a grin from ear to ear. ‘I quess’ I frowned. Niall did a step forwards and started to tickle again. I started to scream immediatly. ‘OHMYGAWD STOP FUCKING IT’ I screamed and tried to escape, but yeah, I could forget it. Niall holds me so tight. ‘OKAY NOW’ I gave up. I couldn’t win it. Niall stopped and frowned once. ‘Really?’ I nodded, I didn’t want to die this early. Well, just not now. Not on this moment. I nodded once and smiled shyly. I need to kiss him now oh my holy fucking nando’s.. ‘Why do you want a kiss anyway?’ I asked while he looked at me. ‘I don’t know, you began with it’ He giggled. ‘True shit.’ He smiled. I layed my hand down in his neck, This was the time.. I had to do it now.. Holy shit.. I was about going to kiss Niall.. I’ve dreamed about this so many times. And now I just  ohmygawd, I Can’t Even… I looked in his deeply blue eyes and felt a strange feeling in my stomach.. I think that’s what they meant with butterflies.  ‘Niall I don’t th..’ Before I could finish Niall’s lips layed down on mine.. Oh dear god, Please let this never end.. I prayed. The strange feeling in my stomach was getting more worse than First. I closed my eyes while kissing him back, My heart was beating faster but it was like time stopped. This was it like, I mean the First kiss of course. My heart stopped when I heard Louis ‘Fiet fieeuutt, Go guys, Marissa and Niall.. Sitting in a three, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.’ Harry sang. Niall and I stopped the kiss at the same time. It felt like my cheeks were red as hell, and I quess Niall felt the same. I looked at the door wich was open because Zayn walked in ‘Vas Happenin’?’ He said followed by Liam. Niall his hand grabbed mine and stroke with his thumb my hand, it was so sweet ‘Niall and Marissa are a couple now!’ My sister yelled, My eyes were big and felt my cheeks turning even more red then they already were. I saw Liam’s eyes changing into really big eyes. ‘We are no couple’ Niall laughed. It was like something broke down inside me, Did he actually said that? I looked at him with big eyes and saw him laughing. Was he cheating on my? Niall wasn’t that kind of player. He was the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, but probably I didn’t know Niall as good as I thought! ‘I just gave her a kiss’ He said but I couldn’t stop staring at him. I let go his hand and swallowed. I saw the lips of the boys and Alexandra moving but I felt sick. I couldn’t hear their voices. ‘No, I don’t even like her’ was the last thing I’ve heard.

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