I've Waited

Harry and his bestfriend Nicole were separated when they were just teenagers but now the finally see each other at the park and catch up with each others life's. Did harry have feelings for Nicole before they were separated, does Nicole have feelings for another boy instead of harry. Like my story and comment for more ideas. P.S. I only do onedirection stories


7. Party

* Nicole's Pov.*

I woke up very muggy feeling. My phone went off.

Jacob: Hey im hosting a party tonight !!! Please come!!! Love you

Me: umm sure I would love to come.

I wasn't gonna say that I love him because I really didn't know. I went to the mall to go shop for a party dress. while I was walking around I saw harry and the lads everywhere because I knew he was famous and in one direction. I started to get tears, I shook my head and said this is a day about me. I found the perfect red skin tight dress that would get mouths dropping. I bought some red heels to match.



Hey Nicole !!!!!!

Hey Jacob, are you drunk


Are you sure

Yeah baby

Why is no one else here.

Because its gonna be a body party between me and you

You are drunk, im gonna go

No you are staying here!!! why did you wear such a pretty dress, its gonna come off anyways

After he said that is was scared, he took me up stair and he put a blind fold. he put a tie around my mouth so the neighbors couldn't hear. Next thing I know he shut the door and locked it. I tried to scream but the tie blocked it. He whispered in my ear* this is a night you are gonna remember*he then slowly pulled down my dress and then I was knocked out!!! He punched me so I couldn't remember anything.


I woke up and the blindfold and tie was now off of me. I got up weak and had no clothes on. He just raped me. I looked out of the window and his car was gone. I quickly went down the stairs and got in my car still naked. I drove to Harry's house, I know we got in a fight but I needed someones help.

*Harry's Pov.*

There was a knock on my door and I answered it. It was Nicole just covered in a towel. Nicole what are you doing here so late. I helped her in because she was limping.

Harry I was raped my Jacob

What come here, we went to my room and I found her a shirt and shorts. She got dressed and then I laid her in bed. Nicole I will sleep on the couch.

NO harry please im scared, stay with me.

Look Nicole im sorry for yelling at you, I never should have, I just love you so much and seeing you with someone else just made me angry. She sat up and kissed me so passionately.

Harry I never should have went out with Jacob, because you are the one I love. Please be mine harry and never let me go. I love you to much to see you mad at me. What I did tonight I will always regret but this moment right here is the best moment ever.

Me and Nicole laid down and fell asleep into each others arms.

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