I've Waited

Harry and his bestfriend Nicole were separated when they were just teenagers but now the finally see each other at the park and catch up with each others life's. Did harry have feelings for Nicole before they were separated, does Nicole have feelings for another boy instead of harry. Like my story and comment for more ideas. P.S. I only do onedirection stories


6. Date

*Nicole's Pov.*

I woke up this morning with my makeup running off my face. I forgot to take it off yesterday after what all happened. I took a shower then Jacob texted me.

Jacob: Hey, you ready to have that date at the café.

Nicole: oh the café well um yea!!!

Jacob: is there something wrong.

Nicole: Oh no its nothing.

Jacob: Meet me in an hour.

I got ready for my date. I mean I wish it would be somewhere fancy but he gets paid off of tips. So its fine!!! I put on a summer dress and pink sandals. I put some makeup on and did my hair. Then I headed to the café.



Hey Jacob!!!

Hey Nicole!!!

We talked for a while and then it was getting late.

I should get going Jacob.

Oh yeah me too!!

Jacob hugged me and then he kissed me very passionately. Then I turned around to see harry outside.

Harry wait!!!!!!

NO NICOLE I WONT WAIT!!!!!!!! That's why you said no yesterday. Why couldn't you just tell me. You know what Nicole I was gonna get you some food and bring it to you. But you already got your treat. Nicole you probably knew I loved you already and then you go and kiss that fucken dick head!!!!! Why Nicole why , now im heartbroken

Harry I didn't know that you loved me. I thought that you would be mad at me if I told you!!! Harry I loved that kiss we had.

THAN WHY DID YOU KISS HIM!!!! Fine Nicole just enjoy life with him!!! Goodbye!!!!* he stormed out of the café*

I ran to the bathroom and cried my eyes out!!! I had to leave because they were closing. I went home and cried all night long. I just lost my bestfriend.


*Harry's Pov.* 

I was so mad at Nicole for not telling me!!! I went off to bed and thought to myself!! Why did I yell at her like that. I finally fell asleep thinking that I just broke up with my bestfriend.

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