I've Waited

Harry and his bestfriend Nicole were separated when they were just teenagers but now the finally see each other at the park and catch up with each others life's. Did harry have feelings for Nicole before they were separated, does Nicole have feelings for another boy instead of harry. Like my story and comment for more ideas. P.S. I only do onedirection stories


4. Cafe

*Harry's Pov.*

That kiss last night was amazing. Did Nicole feel the same way or, did she just not think anything about it. Tomorrow I was gonna ask her out. I hope Nicole will say yes or, my heart will be heartbroken. I text Nicole.

Harry: Hey Nicole can you go to the movies tomorrow with me!!!

Nicole: Yea, sure I would love too.


*Nicole's Pov.*

I went home to change, I chose a belly shirt and high waisted shorts. I went to the café like I usually do. There was a really cute boy at the register.

Boy: Hey my name is Jacob, what would you like.

Me: I would like a sweet tea and a bagel with cream cheese.

Jacob: Here you go, its on the house for a pretty girl like you.

Me: Thank You.

I sat down at a table then Jacob comes by and sits with me.

Jacob: Hey I know you don't know me but would you like to go on a date with me.

Me: Umm I guess here's my number. Oh and my name is Nicole. (573)832-0472

Jacob: Okay I will call you tomorrow evening.

Me: Bye Jacob:)

Jacob: Bye beautiful Nicole.

I left after that, I spent the rest of my day thinking about Jacob. He was so cute, but then I think harry likes me. I got off the couch and went to bed.


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