21 street

Louis Tomlinson. One of the towns well known player. He'll steal your heart and shatter it into a million pieces. Angie Ellen doesn't approve of that when Louis sets his eyes on her. Then another person comes in to love her. Harry Styles. He wants her all to himself. None of her for Louis. Or is there hope for Louis when she finally realized he isn't so bad. They call it 21 street for a reason. Fights break out all the time.

(This is a 3 part series fulfilled with different events)


5. Liam.

Angie's POV: I took deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. It was quite hard. Liam walked outside without his bride. He took my arm and pulled me in to his car. The engine roared and he pulled out. "Liam what the hell!"I yelled trying to unlock the door to get out. He took away the door control. "Angie tell me! What are you doing with that low life scum bag!"Liam shouted. "Having dinner!"I shouted back. He looked at me. "He's not good for you Angie."He said. "I find him friendly and that's all he's being Liam. He isn't bad."I sighed. A tear rolled down my cheek. I used to miss seeing Liam. Now I remember why I hated to go see him. "Hey, are you crying?"Liam asked. "Just shut up and let me out."I demanded. "Not until you give me answers."He snapped. "What Liam? What answers do I need to answer."I sobbed wiping away my tears. "Why your hanging with him. He's dangerous and he'll use you."Liam started. "What do you mean?"I asked. "He dated lots of girls Angie. He only dates them for a week then finds someone else. He did it on my fiance."He sighed. I gasped. Now I remembered why I liked to see Liam. He knows. "Alright Liam. I'll stop seeing him just, just take me home."I demanded. "No that's to easy. He'll come for you. Stay with a friend of mine. His name is Harry."Liam said turning down 21 street. Oh no. Not Harry. Not the one I made out with at the wedding. "Liam that's a bad idea."I said. He looked at me. "Why?"He asked. "Harry and I have a little past. I don't want to see him."I gulped. "Well you have nowhere else to go."He said pulling up to what i'm guessing was his house. He unlocked my door and brought me inside. "Liam! We haven't seen you in forever!"Harry pleaded. "Don't let Louis is. He wants my cousin."He said moving so Harry and a couple other boys could see me. Harry's eyes widened and he walked away. "We won't let him in."A blonde guy smiled. "Alright I'll be back shortly. I'm just going to get my things."Liam said and he walked out. I looked at the boy with the blonde hair and put my hand out for him to shake it. "I'm Angie."I smiled. He shook my hand. "I'm Niall."He said. "And I'm Zayn."Said a boy with dark hair and a quiff. "I understand how Louis is. We'll hide you from him."He said giving me a hug. "Would you like some clothes?"He asked. I nodded and he went to get me some. "Here this is my girlfriend Perrie's dress she left here. You might be able to fit this."He smiled handing me a little blue dress with yellow flowers on it. It was better than the red blanket I had on now. I thanked him and went to the bathroom to use it. I changed in to the dress and started to walk back downstairs when I could hear Louis's voice filling the halls with his loud voice. "Louis she isn't here."Niall pleaded. He growled and I heard a door slam. They waited a few minutes before Zayn walked over. "It's alright Angie. He left."He smiled. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch. Liam returned with in a few minutes. He carried a duffle bag and he was changed into a white shirt and some jeans. He opened the front door and smiled at me. "Was he here?"He asked Zayn. "Yea he was. But then we told him she wasn't here. So he left."Zayn told him. I sat down on the couch and let them talk. Maybe I should go have a talk with Harry and work things out. 

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