21 street

Louis Tomlinson. One of the towns well known player. He'll steal your heart and shatter it into a million pieces. Angie Ellen doesn't approve of that when Louis sets his eyes on her. Then another person comes in to love her. Harry Styles. He wants her all to himself. None of her for Louis. Or is there hope for Louis when she finally realized he isn't so bad. They call it 21 street for a reason. Fights break out all the time.

(This is a 3 part series fulfilled with different events)


3. I want you all to myself.

Angie's POV: I was so overwhelmed with the whole damn Louis thing that I decided to piss him off. I guess it's my revenge. "Uh excuse me?"Louis asked. "You heard me. I want Harry to stay."I smirked. Harry's eyes were wide. "Well. What are you going to do with him?"Louis asked. "I don't know. Something."I said. Louis sighed, kicked the door and left. That was easier than I thought. "You really want me to stay?"Harry asked. "I don't know. I was just getting under his skin but now."I walked toward him moving my hand up his arm to his neck. He smiled. "Angie. I don't know what we're about to do But I like the way you think."He smirked leaning down to kiss me. Our lips moved in perfect sync. His hand wrapped around my waist pulling me close to him. I like Harry. I like him a lot. He's my type. I felt my dress unzip. This just got a little out of hand. "Um sorry to burst your bubble Harry. But uh no sex please."I said pulling away. "Why? I thought you wanted me?"He asked. "I do but not in that way."I assured him. He pulled away pacing around. I zipped back up my dress and sat down on the bed. Well this was beginning to get boring. "Harry we can still make out."I said getting back up. His smile spread like a wildfire and he ran to me picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and let his tongue explore my mouth. This was intense as hell but I liked it like this. "Listen Angie, I gotta tell you something."Harry said as he set me down. "Yes?"I asked. "Louis won't give up on you just so your informed. He'll still try to hook up with you."Harry said. "Well who has me now?"I smirked. "I like the way you think. But seriously, Louis will come for you as soon as we leave this room."Harry said. By the way he said it was letting me know how serious he was being. I nodded letting him know I understood. "Well maybe I should go home then. Get away from him as much as I can I guess. But call me."I gave my Harry my number and walked out of the secret bedroom. I walked down the hall and felt two arms grab my waist pulling me into the bathroom. I felt my dress unzipped and was on the floor. I was completely nude. I tried to slip my clothes back on put I felt lips against mine. It was dark I couldn't see a thing. "Where's the light switch?"I asked. "You don't need it."It was Louis. "Louis let me go."I demanded. "Nope. Your mine tonight."He growled. "I'm not yours!"I cursed. "Yes you are. But only for tonight."He said. I wanted to bitch slap him so bad but I couldn't see him. "Ugh please Louis let me go!"I begged. I didn't get an answer. I was thrown to the floor and he thrusted into me hard. I screamed in pain hopefully some sign of help would come for my rescue. I tried to get away but Louis had me pinned down. He made love bites along the side of my body going up towards my neck. I was going to have at least 15 bruises. I needed to escape. This was unfair. I chose Harry. Not him. I was strong enough to set my hands free to push him away. I found my clothes and pulled them close enough to me I could change in to them. I was fully dressed again. Louis found me again and pulled me close to him. I found his face and bitch slapped him right across the face. "Goodbye."I growled. I felt for the door. A handle! Jackpot. I opened the door to the hallway and ran for it. As fast as I could. I ran downstairs to see my sister standing waiting for me. "Are you ready to leave?"Clare asked. I nodded. "Yea. I'm ready."I dashed out of the place and into my car. 

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